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Pro-choicer throws pro-life sign then yells “You have no vagina Bro! ”

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No Penis Pro-abort

As a pro-choice woman threw over a pro-life sign, she was asked by the pro-life demonstrators, “You want me to call the cops?”

She replied, “Call the F***ing cops!

She approached the pro-lifer ranting about his “pictures of bloody babies” calling them “disgusting.”


She then tells him “You don’t have no business, you don’t have a vagina Bro!”


She threatens tells the pro-lifer, “You know you’re lucky I don’t break your camera!” as she walks away.

The pro-lifer summarized the attack this way, “1.30.2014 in front of B Street Planned Parenthood, a woman is disgusted by the truth of 1st Trimester aborted baby yet she doesn’t think rationally that this is an actual picture of an aborted baby, yet gets infuriated…not at the murderers but at the messengers that are warning people of this kind of “choice”. She claims it’s the picture of a 4-year old, when it is a picture of 1st Trimester baby (the stage at which most babies are aborted).”