Bare Breasted Pro-Abort Tries to Abort Jesus and Cancel Christmas

A leader of the Ukrainian feminist group Femen bared her breasts near St Peter’s Square on Thursday shouting “Christmas is cancelled!” in a protest against the Catholic Church’s stance on abortion.

Calling herself “the holy mother” FEMEN activist, Inna Shevchenko said that she “committed an abortion of Jesus right at the st.Petri square at Vatican city under the main catholic Christmas tree.”

Femen Cancel Christmas

“Christmas is canceled” was written on what the group labeled as “holy bare breasts of FEMEN as a demand from the world to quite middle age religious ideas and to forbid an implication of religious traditions in modern laws.”

Christmas Canc 2013

According to the group, “FEMEN is breaking the strategies of patriarchy in ownership of women’s body that is protected, hidden by religions. Non any cross, or text can tell or show women how to sacrifice their freedom. Non any freak in a white dress can put nose in women’s vagina. Christmas is canceled! Jesus is aborted! FEMEN topless marathon just took a beginning. We move to other holy place. They didn’t give us peace, we will not give them any!”

One Response to “Bare Breasted Pro-Abort Tries to Abort Jesus and Cancel Christmas”

  1. The Anti Christ ……………..

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