Graphic anti-abortion cards warn TX doctors, “The abortion lobby wants to recruit you.”

November 20, 2013
For Immediate Release

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Today, Life Dynamics Inc., a national pro-life organization located in Denton Texas has announced that they have contacted members of the Texas medical community to warn them that the abortion lobby is trying to recruit doctors with hospital admitting privileges.

The abortion lobby has been in a meltdown mode due to recent changes in Texas law requiring doctors who work at abortion clinics to have hospital admitting privileges at nearby hospitals.

For now, the US Supreme Court has ruled that Texas can enforce the law and Life Dynamics knows that the abortion lobby will most likely lie to solve their problems.

In a preemptive strike, Life Dynamics has contacted every hospital administrator and every doctor’s office in the state to warn the medical community that, “if you already have hospital admitting privileges, the abortion lobby wants to recruit you.”

Life Dynamics has mailed this post card to every doctor’s office in the state, which reads in part: “HIRED KILLERS…they are out to recruit you.”

LDI Texas Mailer Front

The back side of the post card warns doctors, “The Texas Abortion Lobby Wants Your Soul.

LDI Mailer Texas Back

Mark Crutcher, president of Life Dynamics said he sent the post cards to reinforce to physicians that, “Elective abortions are not healthcare and have nothing to do with the practice of medicine. They are contract killings.”

On his December Life Talk show, Crutcher explained the project further, “What we did is created a post card called Hired Killers. This postcard is designed to discourage doctors from getting involved in abortion. We sent one of these to every doctor’s office in Texas. What we are trying to do is keep the waters stirred because what the abortion industry wants is to do is to recruit these guys and tell them, you can just slide in and you don’t have to raise a big ruckus about it. We’re making sure that these doctors understand, there will be a ruckus and this is just the first shot of the ruckus that’s coming.

“The second thing we did was send a letter to every hospital administrator in Texas. It’s designed to discourage them from granting privileges and be on the lookout of new doctors filing for hospital privileges who are not telling them they are working in an abortion clinic. Before you let them in, you better ask them if they are working in abortion because you don’t want to drag this hospital into the abortion controversy.”

Mark Crutcher2013

According to, Crutcher “If a doctor or hospital is going to get sucked into the abortion vortex, at least they will know what they are doing.

Life Dynamics has also sent a letter to every hospital administrator in Texas, which reads in part, “Recent changes in Texas law require doctors who work at abortion clinics to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals. However, most of these people do not have such privileges and cannot get them. If you are approached by someone seeking privileges who is involved with abortion, it is almost certain that he or she will conceal this information from you. It is important to understand that it is far easier to keep these people out of your hospital in the first place than it will be to get them out later. We urge you to exercise caution and make certain that anyone applying for privileges is clean of any association with abortion.”

Crutcher says that the reason abortionists do not have hospital admitting privileges is because , “The competence and character of practitioners who work at abortion clinics is inevitably substandard and hospitals don’t want to have their reputations damaged by the stigma that accompanies both abortion and the people who do them. In addition, Hospitals realize that any link to abortion creates the possibility of protests and boycotts and may cause some patients and physicians to reject the hospital.”

Crutcher concludes, “Fortunately, the kind of monsters who are willing to snuff-out innocent and defenseless human lives for money are rare. This letter and these postcards will guarantee that any doctor or hospital that gets sucked in by the lies of the abortion industry will do so with their eyes wide open.”


For an interview call the office at (940) 380-8800

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