Miss Teen Plus USA supports abortion giant Planned Parenthood

Shame on Miss Teen Plus USA for supporting abortion giant Planned Parenthood.

Miss Teen Plus USA Kaydee Weddle and Planned Parenthood

Miss Teen Plus USA Kaydee Weddle here she is pictured with a Director, Christine Johnson from Planned Parenthood of Greater Washington and North Idaho after their meeting

According to the website of Miss Plus USA’s Board Member, Kaydee Weddle’s platform is Teen Pregnancy Prevention.

Miss Plus Philosophy

According to the philosophy of the Miss Plus Beauty Pageant- they believe all women are beautiful inside and out- apparently- not so much if you are a female unborn child and your mom wants you murdered by Planned Parenthood:

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One Response to “Miss Teen Plus USA supports abortion giant Planned Parenthood”

  1. Hello!

    To be clear, KayDee’s Platform is “Teen Pregnancy Prevention – Abstinence & Birth Control”
    She has chosen to work with Planned Parenthood so that she can be a physical light that ABSTINENCE is the way to go, that WAITING is best! And IF you do get pregnant that adoption is a positive route for teens. Please review her Press Release which is also available on our website to gain accurate information. Our CEO is a single mom of 13 years and abortion was NEVER an option, even at age 18.

    Click to access fcbca8_95e3def305a94115ad65f22205e9d1f7.pdf

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