Pro-choicers circle the wagon in support of shoddy Mississippi abortion clinic

In Mississippi, the state’s only abortion clinic may have to close. This week, Pro-lifers gathered in Mississippi to protest the nation’s last abortion clinic, Jackson Women’s Health.


The Mississippi abortion clinic is owned by Diane Derzis, who also owns a clinic in Alabama.

A combination of shady practices, injured patients, and building code violations resulted in the culmination of a 76 page deficiency report filed by the Alabama Department of Public Health against (Birmingham, Ala.) New Woman All Women abortion clinic in March 2012.

According to Operation Rescue, Last year, three women who were subjected to abortions by abortionist Bruce Norman at Derzis’ Birmingham abortion clinic were hospitalized due to abortion complications at New Woman All Women. The ADPH inspected the clinic and discovered 76-pages of health and safety code deficiencies. The clinic was forced to close after the ADPH and Derzis agreed to a consent order that banned Derzis from having anything to do with any future abortion clinic or from hiring Norman to do abortions. After two failed attempts to relicense the clinic, Derzis and Norman reopened the clinic without licensure and have been operating illegally as a “doctor’s office” whose only “service” is abortions.

VID: Jackson Womens Health Organization Abortion Clinic Owner Diane Derzis’ idea of “Fine” : 2 patients overdosed ! Welcome to “safe abortion”

An ambulance arrived at the Jackson Women’s Health Organization, August 7, and transported a female patient who emerged from the clinic in Mississippi on a gurney. The pale-skinned, brown-haired woman was covered head to toe with a blanket.


According to Operation Rescue, Derzis’ abortion clinic in Jackson, Mississippi, is run the same way as her now condemned Alabama abortion business. In fact, it employs some of the same abortionists, including Bruce Elliott Norman, who was the abortionist on duty at NWAW that day in January when three of his abortion patients were hospitalized with complications arising from violations in the standard of care. Two women were overdosed on an IV drug, and another woman landed in the ICU with heavy bleeding after she was left unmonitored while being dosed with a strong medication that causes powerful uterine contractions.

Abortion on Demand

Despite the despicable way the women are treated at these abortion clinics, pro-choice activists are supporting them.

Sto Patriarchy MS Ab1097061_692576460756448_1418228704_oStopPatriarchy Bruce Norman Hero740000_737157606298333_472448726_o


The radical pro-choice group Stop Patriarchy interrupted pro-lifers gathered at a peaceful rally to mourn the children killed by abortion in the state.

Stop Patriarchy MS 2013 3

They came in with microphones and took over the event.

Stop Patriarchy MS 2013 2Stop Patriarchy MS 2013Stop Patriarchy 2013 MSStop Patriarchy invades Prolife MS


They yelled: “Fetuses are not babies and women are not incubators, abortion on demand without apology.”

Stop Patriarchy 2013 MS fetus not babyStop Patriarchy 2013 MS fetus not baby 21401658_737156239631803_630354706_o

Pro-lifers began to stand up and take their ground back:

Stop Patriarchy 2013 MS Prolife response


Pro-choicers then chanted, “The Bible, taken literally is a horror.And forced motherhood is female enslavement.”

Stop Patriarchy 2013 MS Bible Horror


Police finally showed up and told the pro-choicers to move away:

Stop Patriarchy 2013 MS Police say move

2 Responses to “Pro-choicers circle the wagon in support of shoddy Mississippi abortion clinic”

  1. Nice pictures of anti-abortion nut job trying to push Stop Patriarchy protestor down the stairs! So peaceful.

  2. […] Patriarchy has defended this abortion mill before, after all, when you are pro-abortion you really don’t care about […]

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