IPPF Planned Parenthood affiliated group published articles that appeared to advocate for pedophilia

ProFamilia and IPPFAccording to TheLocal, Pro Familia published a number of articles in its magazine across the two decades justifying sexual relationships with minors, or dismissing it as harmless, the Tagesspiegel newspaper reported.

According to UPI, Pro Familia, founded in 1952, is Germany’s largest organization advocating for reproductive choice. It is an affilate of Planned Parenthood International.

The Gottingen group cited a 1987 article by Wolf Vogel, a psychologist who suggested society should examine the reason adults are sexually attracted to children without moral judgments. Rudiger Lautmann, a sociologist, complained 10 years later about a “crusade against pedophilia.”

Vogel in another article talked about how an adult and minor involved in a relationship had to hide it.

Pro Familia says it never advocated for changing the laws on pedophilia. It said the articles in its magazine reflected a debate going on at the time, The Local said.

Psychologist Wolf Vogel made the case in a 1987 issue of the Pro Familia magazine for thinking about the reasons why people have paedophilic urges without judging them.

In 1997, a similar article by sociologist Rüdiger Lautmann complained about the “crusade against paedophilia.”

Vogel wrote another article for the magazine entitled “the misery of a forbidden love” which, Tagesspiegel reported, bemoaned that a minor and adult in a relationship had to “hide their love from everyone”.

If a child were to tell their parents about “an exciting experience they had with an adult,” there was a risk that “the parents would run straight to the police,” Vogel said.

In articles written by sociologist Lautmann, the term “child abuse” was discussed. Calling it such suggests that “the small person is damaged” and this was not always the case, he said.

According to IPPF, a Planned Parenthood international organization, Pro Familia is the country’s leading sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) organization. It delivers a range of SRH services through 182 clinics, including counselling in fertility regulation, interpersonal relationships, sexuality and violence, sexuality and disability, and women’s health issues. In 2011, Pro Familia delivered 636,000 sexual and reproductive health services, plus 61,000 abortion-related services.

Pro Familia is active in sex education nationwide (particularly for young people and marginalized groups), and it trains SRH professionals.

Pro Familia is very active in advocacy, pressing to improve German SRHR law and initiating international petitions to address grave infringements of women’s rights in (for example) Afghanistan. Abortion is a sensitive, divisive, and recurrent SRHR issue in Germany, and Pro Familia has worked hard to lobby for a reasoned approach to, and understanding of, the need for freedom of choice.

The organization is also involved in international co-operation. It conducted a programme development workshop with the Member Associations of the Czech and Slovak Republics, and with other Eastern European groups on challenging prescriptive opposition to human rights related to sexual health and family planning.

One Response to “IPPF Planned Parenthood affiliated group published articles that appeared to advocate for pedophilia”

  1. Because a controversial paper was published by one or several authors does not mean that reflects the opinion or judgement of P.P. or an associated German medical center. Allen Ginsberg was a Manbla member but he did Not represent the sexual interests of Beatniks or Hippies or Homosexuals or Lesbians or the majority of Heterosexual men. Reproductive management IS each nation’s responsibility and to think otherwise is Ostrich hole dunking

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