Eugenic Population Control promoted in Indiana High School

Fr. John Hollowell, a priest and blogger from Indiana, saw a disturbing sign in the hallways of Northview High School in Brazil, IN.


The sign reads: “Zero Population Control, Its Up to You, No More than Two.”


That is the same ideology that China’s forced population control agenda hold.

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One Response to “Eugenic Population Control promoted in Indiana High School”

  1. Considering the spurt in Catholite population Expolsion World Wide, 2 kids per couple is a 100% increase over China’s abysmal policy of 1 child. Selective gender abortion is obviously a failure since the latest Chinese generation has 3 men per 1 woman. Let’s be reasonable Monsignor, priests have denied themselves parenthood while the majority sodomize each other and cavort in the Vatican where the age of consent is age 12, the same age as many strict Mexican Catholic states. America, Love It or Get Out and Go Live in Rome, Ha!,!

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