Pro-choicers mock 40 days for Life to end abortion with heretical prayers and silly websites

Pro-aborts are MOCKING 40 Days for Life, a Christian effort to spend 40 days praying in front of abortion clinics.

Case in point: 40 Days for Tacos….

40 Days for Tacos

From the Mocking Website:

The 40 Days for Tacos North Dakota Campaign is in full swing simultaneously with 306 cities in ten countries on four continents. How great is our God, How great is His Name!

We are grateful to God for: a). the men sacrificing their sleep to sign up for the night hours, b). women faithfully taking regular hours and filling in when needed, c). college students coming in great numbers and witnessing to the world –especially in the evening hours, d). the families who come and share prayer time and the truth about tacos, e). the churches, youth groups and many organizations who bring their members to pray, f). all the advertising for 40 Days for Tacos through the radio, yard signs, billboards and newspaper ads and articles, and finally the miracles that God is displaying daily.

The Post-taco ladies (PTLS) are available for presentations promoting hope and healing after their taco experience. A “Pastors’ Declaration” is being prepared with signatures from Clergy of all faiths to proclaim to the public their stand for the sanctity of Tacos from conception to consumption.

Please continue your support as we bear witness on the sidewalk, in the media and from the rooftops – to the reality of mexican dishes, the culture of Tacos and the power of prayer. If you still haven’t signed up we encourage you to do so. Thank you for taking the time to sign in on the schedule. Please call us if you have any questions or would like us to put you on the schedule.

For more information or to sign up for your hour of prayer at the North Dakota’s newest taco facility in Fargo, visit:; contact the Taco Help Center at (657) 88T-ACo8; That’s (657) 888-2268 or

They even post some MOCKERY IMAGES:

40 Days for Tacos1Group2Group

Under FACTS they post:
Five taco facts:

October 4th is National Taco Day
Every taco has an appropriate time of day for consumption
Angry Birds? How about Taco Master
There are no Taco Bells in Mexico
No matter how delicious taco fillings and toppings are, it’s all about the tortilla

The REAL Mockery comes under their Comments Section:

Comments 40 Days foor Tacos


The REAL 40DaysforLife – is saving children:

40 Days for Life


As the pro-life 40 days for life begins, a baby killing movement 40 days of Choice created by Faith Aloud, has also begun to offer suggestions on how to pray to keep abortion legal. Example of their heresy below, thoughts?





Sacred Caren

Jesus RefusetoShamen

Elected Officialsn

Planned Parenthood has offered 40 Days of Prayer & Contemplation for abortion as well ( see here)

( see more here)

NOW is trying to raise funds of the Pro-life 40 days protesters:

The Fountain Street Church Choice Fund and the Heritage Clinic are putting on a 40 Days for Choice Fundraiser. You can purchase a ticket online for $24 that symbolizes 24 hours of counter-protest against Right to Life’s intrusive campaign. You can purchase a day of “counter-protest” and dedicate that day to a person, story, cause, etc. All proceeds go directly to helping women in Grand Rapids afford abortion procedures.

The event’s FB page reads:

It is time again for the “40 Days for Life” Anti-Choice event. Individuals will be standing outside Heritage Clinic for Women 24/7 from September 26 through November 4, praying to end the option of abortion. Learn more about this by clicking here…

To counter this anti-choice demonstration, we are holding a “40 Days for CHOICE” event to raise money and awareness for the Fountain Street Church Choice Fund which provides faith loans to women who feel an abortion is their wisest choice but cannot afford to exercise their choice without financial help.

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