Ambulance removes woman from Michigan abortion clinic

Pro-lifers in Michigan say that a woman was removed from the Summit Medical Center abortion clinic in Detroit, Michigan by ambulance yesterday. This is the second such incident at this abortion clinic since March.

Summit abortion ambulance 1374107_10151655040057479_1895287156_n Picture Credit: Emmanuel Lugermo

Summit Ambulance Michigan 1385304_10151655030122479_2078763388_n

According to pro-lifer Lynn Mills, “Reginald D. Sharpe was the Summit contract abortionist this am when it happened.”

Not the first time an ambulance was called, according to reports, on Saturday, March 23, 2013, at approximately 6pm an ambulance arrived at the Summit Medical Services abortion clinic in Detroit. A woman is being taken out the back entrance to the clinic by emergency responders. The woman had been counseled earlier in the day by members of the pro-life group Guadalupe Partners. The woman was there for a 2nd trimester abortion.

Abortionist Reginald Sharpe is at the clinic when the woman is being taken out to the ambulance. A few clinic workers are at the back door. Sharpe’s Jeep vehicle is directly to the left of the ambulance–proof that he was there.

This is the same Reginald Sharpe whose clinics recently closed in Detroit and Livonia, MI, and who in October 2012 filed for federal bankruptcy. This is the same Reginald Sharpe who dumped aborted babies in the trash dumpster behind his Livonia Women’s Advisory facility and discovered by Citizens for a Pro-Life Society. See: In 2008 a woman died from complications to an abortion Sharpe performed in his Detroit clinic. More recently two other women had to undergo full hysterectomies from botched abortions he performed. see for more details on these cases.

The question is– will this woman–taken by ambulance from Summit– suffer the same fate? It is irresponsible for the Summit clinic to hire Reginald Sharpe considering the great harm he has done to women– not to mention the unborn children he has put to death.

Reginald Sharpe worked for the Women’s Advisory Center, abortion, before working for Summit.

Abortionist Reginald Sharpe, who owned the Women’s Advisory Center, abortion clinic, filed for bankruptcy, alleging assets of up to 50 thousand dollars and liabilities somewhere between 100 thousand and 500 thousand dollars. He was also the subject of three lawsuits, one filed by the family of a 26-year-old Detroit woman who died following an abortion performed by Sharpe.

Here are his workers making light of that death:

Since the closings, Sharpe was hired by the Summit Women’s Center abortion clinic in Detroit.

Sharpe’s medical license was placed on probation in 1998 for illegally administrating drugs and was suspended in 2005 after he botched an illegal 27-week abortion. Sharpe was busted in 2008 for illegally dumping patient records, aborted babies, medical waste, and syringes. In 2010 Medicaid revoked Sharpe’s certification for unspecified “fraud and abuse, false billing, or kickbacks.”

In addition, Sharpe has been sued at least five times:

• March 2006: Sharpe/Northland Family Planning abortion clinic paid a $50,000 settlement for failure to diagnose an ectopic pregnancy, which led to the loss of a fallopian tube.
• January 2009: Sharpe sued for committing an abortion without the mother’s consent. Case is on appeal.
• April 2011: Sharpe sued by the family of a woman who died following an abortion, for perforating her uterus and lacerating a uterine blood vessel, intestines, and liver.
• August 2012: After missing an ectopic pregnancy during an abortion on April 2011, Sharpe sued after the mother’s fallopian tube burst.
• August 2012: Sharpe sued for an August 2011 botched abortion after leaving a baby’s head inside a mother’s uterus and fetal parts floating in her abdomen as well as puncturing her uterus at least seven times.

This lawsuit was also filed against Sharpe, for an abortion the plaintiff felt was not necessary.

In 2005 – The State of Michigan issues a 120-day suspension of Dr. Reginald Sharpe’s medical license, places Dr. Sharpe under a 1-year probationary period, and fines him $5,000 for multiple violations of the Public Health Code.

The MI Dept of Community Health issued the immediate suspension of Dr. Reginald Sharpe’s medical license, after finding that the public health, safety, or welfare required emergency action.

READThe MI Dept of Community Health files an administrative complaint against Dr. Reginald Sharpe for negligence, incompetence, and lack of good moral character, after Dr. Sharpe botched a 27-week abortion, left the facility for 3 hours while the woman bled and screamed in pain, and demanded that EMS personnel not take the victim to the hospital.

At one point Sharpe owned three abortion mills in Michigan

10 Responses to “Ambulance removes woman from Michigan abortion clinic”

  1. Charlotta Jones Says:

    No. I was not a patient at Summit. I was with a patient and I began to have breathing problems so 911 was called for me. This doctor actually saved my life. I think you people are wrong to assume what was going on. I support the Doctor 100% and will refer all my friends to him. If you don’t know what you’re talking about, you should be banned from speaking.

    • saynsumthn Says:

      How about some proof of your claim Charlotte? Also- how could you refer a patient or friend to this place considering his record?

  2. casandra hicks Says:

    I was a patient of Dr. Sharpe in 2012 & caught vd due to unsanitary equipment.

    • Amy:) Grace Says:

      Casandra Hicks, please e-mail me at I would love to meet with you and see if you would write a complaint to the State of Michigan on this. Sharpe wouldn’t have to know it’s you.

      Also, there is a GREAT lawyer, Howard Victor, who would probably be interested in speaking w/you. He’s handled litigation against Sharpe before. His phone # is 248 737 9101. You don’t even have to speak with me.,4601,7-154-35299_63294_27647—,00.html > This is for filing a complaint w/the state.

      You weren’t the first, you will not be the last. Please do this for other women!

      If you live in Saginaw, there is a group that goes to Sharpe’s place there, they can help you too.


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  5. Anonymous Says:

    Are there such things as post abortive support groups out there?

    • Amy Grace Says:

      Abosolutly there are. Rachel’s Vineyard is the first to come to mind. I don’t know where you live, but you can always look up Crisis Pregnancy Centers in your area and they could lead you in the right direction. I’ll see if I can get a link.

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