Doc quits Texas abortion clinic angry state is loaded with pro-life pregnancy centers while abortion clinics dwindle

UPDATE – Sept 10th Whole Women’s Health has posted, “This week we’ve been approached by two physicians that used to work for us in the past but had since gone on to open up their own practices. Both of these physicians are highly-trained, professional, and want to come back to Whole Woman’s Health to help us keep our doors open in Texas. Obviously, we’re welcoming them with open arms.”

485531_539099732803643_2110984597_aThe Texas abortion clinic chain, Whole Woman’s Health has begun mapping the locations of Texas’ crisis pregnancy centers.

CPC Map Texas WWH

Instead of praising the effort to offer women a “choice” the abortion chain is attacking the nearly 108 pro-life centers because, as they report, only six abortion clinics are expected to remain open after September 2014, the deadline for abortion clinics in the state to meet the standards required of ambulatory surgical centers, according to a new law which goes into effect November 1st.

Perhaps Whole Women’s is planning to also close a ton of locations because they list 7 locations on their website alone! But their MAP shows only SIX abortion clinics will survive as listed here:

Planned Parenthood Center for Choice in Houston
Whole Womans Health of San Antonio
Planned Parenthood: South Austin Clinic
Texas Ambulatory Surgical Center in Houston
Southwestern Women’s Surgery Center in Dallas
Planned Parenthood Southwest Fort Worth Surgical Center

In July Whole Woman’s Health told the media that will probably close five of the six abortion centers it operates in Texas due to the ambulatory surgical center requirements, according to Fatimah Gifford, Whole Woman’s Health spokeswoman. Its San Antonio location is an ambulatory surgical center.

Whole Women’s abortion clinic blogs, “We’ve been looking at Hospital Admitting Privileges, specifically, and how we can get them for all of our doctors in Texas, and after that our main focus will be what we can do about the ASC law that’s set to go into effect in September next year. We’ve had some breakthroughs with the admitting privileges, and we’re excited to see that there is so much support for us from the Texas medical community. On the legal side, we’re planning a lawsuit with other organizations that will hopefully be announced sometime in September. We know that it’s going to be a long process, but we think we stand a worthy chance. HB2 will not pass into law without a fight from us.”

We all know that abortion clinics are the upmost in good care – right? WRONG- I mean, the state has NEVER had to take an action against Whole Women’s before?
2007 TX Actions WWHLike this on in 2007

Whole Women’s Health abortion clinic has been investigated by the state read here

Maybe the view of their founder that abortion is a RIGHT OF PASSAGE contributes to this negativity toward CPC’s.

Amy Hagstrom Miller founder Whole Woman’s Health abortion clinic

In 2012, the Lilith Fund honored Amy Hagstrom Miller, the Founder, President and CEO of the Whole Woman’s Health abortion clinic in Texas.

Amy Hagstrom Miller began her speech by stating, “Abortion involves all the big things in life – sex, death, life, religion, family, money.”

She astoundingly went on to state that, “Abortion is a rite of passage for many women…


Or perhaps it is the fault of CPC’s that are devastating, but the fact that Whole Women’s abortion clinic is losing their own ABORTIONISTS – who do not seem to be that committed to the abortion clinic chain. Notice the use of the words “I” and “ME” in this:

On August 14, 2013, WWH blogged:

Yesterday, we received a letter of resignation from one of our clinic doctors:

“Thank you so much for fighting the good fight. A big part of me is sorry I’m not in there with you but I have to do what’s right for me at this point.”

“I have loved my work with WWH and have found it extremely fulfilling. I have also loved working for you.”

“I am also worried about the uncertainty of my employment status in Texas. Will I get admitting rights? Will the government pull something else that makes it impossible for me to work there? Will the clinic close despite everyone’s best efforts?”




Dana Kusnir

According to the Texas Medical Board– Whole Women’s Health abortionist Dr. Dana Kusnirhas a temporary license but her address is from California:
Mailing Address

The California Medical Board lists a DANIEL EDUARDO KUSNIR, M.D. not sure if they are the same person !

and shows a medical license of 1200 LAKE SHORE AVE 18D
OAKLAND, CA 94606-1629

and says her primary practice is: PSYCHIATRY- PUBLIC HEALTH & GENERAL PREVENTIVE

Another website shows a Dana Kusnir in Minnesota !

Perhaps, dear abortion clinic chain- women just simply do not want your abortions anymore- maybe that is why the CPC’s outnumber you – huh? Just Say’n !!!

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