Pro-abortion advocate Melinda Gates chosen as star of Female Force comic book

MelindaGatesComicBook 304

Melinda Gates will be the star of a new comic book coming out on Wednesday.

Bluewater Productions of Vancouver, Wash. will release the 32-page “Female Force: Melinda Gates” comic book, written by Melissa Seymour, with art by Manuel Diaz, and a cover by Albert Pessoa.

“This comic pays tribute to this great woman. I have enjoyed drawing the comic and knowing the life and achievements of Melinda Gates”, said Diaz, in a statement.

Gates joins her husband, Bill Gates, who’s also been immortalized in a Bluewater Productions comic book. Bill Gates’ comic book came out earlier this year.

Melinda Gates and her husband Bill Gates support Eugencs thru abortion and fund many pro-abortion organizations liked Planned Parenthood ( read more here )

Writer Melissa Seymour wrote the 32-page book and artist Manuel Diaz illustrated it. Albert Pessoa created the cover.

“Writing comic books on influential, strong, intelligent women — does it get better than that?” said Seymour. “It’s so important to shine light on the accomplishments of women because then young girls will think, ‘Hey, I want to be just like her!'”

The Female Force series has featured other well-known women, including Angelina Jolie, Hillary Clinton, Ellen DeGeneres, Sonia Sotomayor, Michelle Obama and Gabrielle Giffords.
Future subjects will include Laura Ingraham, Gloria Steinem and Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
This is not the first time Bluewater has shone the spotlight on the Gates family. Earlier this year, they produced a comic book featuring Bill Gates.

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