Suspended North Carolina abortion clinic surrenders license

A North Carolina abortion clinic has voluntarily shut down for good.

The Durham-based Baker Clinic for Women voluntarily surrendered its license last week just as Asheville’s abortion facility reopened.

Dr. John Baker, who owned the clinic, surrendered the clinic’s certificate to operate six weeks after the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services temporarily revoked its license for failing to meet state abortion clinic standards.

The North Carolina state health department’s Acute and Home Care Licensure and Certification Section notified Abortionist John Baker July 5 that his certificate to operate The Baker Clinic for Women in Durham was suspended.

Baker Clinic

According to the notice, the clinic failed to ensure quality control in blood banking. Specifically, the notice said the clinic didn’t perform quality control tests for more than 108 patients who had received Rh factor blood tests and it failed to follow manufacturer’s instructions for the test, among other problems.

The test is used to determine if a patient is positive or negative for a marker present on some people’s red blood cells. Women who are Rh negative can produce antibodies harmful to future children if they’re exposed to Rh positive blood during an abortion.

The agency ordered the clinic to close, stating that the findings revealed a “potential imminent threat to the health and safety of patients.”

Baker had said in a phone interview in July that he planned to try to take corrective action in order to re-open.

But in a notice to the department section chief dated Wednesday, he said he was voluntarily surrendering his certificate to operate.

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