Pro-choice man pleads guilty to driving toward pro-lifers at Planned Parenthood

Michael Fabian

A driver charged with veering his SUV toward a pro-life protester outside an Aurora Planned Parenthood clinic pleaded guilty to a reduced traffic offense after DuPage County prosecutors acknowledged that security cameras didn’t show a swerve.

Prosecutors originally charged Naperville resident Michael Fabian with misdemeanor aggravated assault after the Feb. 16 incident at the clinic, which has been a focus of protests by anti-abortion groups.

In the criminal complaint filed last March, prosecutors alleged that Fabian swerved at a 16-year-old female protester, “nearly striking her.”

The teenage demonstrator was standing with other protesters handing out leaflets at the edge of frontage road leading from the clinic, according to investigators’ reports obtained by the Sun-Times under the state’s Freedom of Information Act.

The teen, whose name was redacted because of her age, told investigators the Yukon GMC was leaving the clinic when it abruptly swerved “five to 10 feet” in her direction, forcing her to quickly move several steps back to avoid being hit.

Six other witnesses — all demonstrators who were with the teen outside the clinic — told investigators they also saw the SUV veer towards the girl, though they offered differing descriptions of how much it swerved and how close it came.

Aurora Police earlier had investigated the reported confrontation but declined to file criminal charges, noting in a final report that security cameras showed Fabian “appeared to drive in a straight, non-aggressive manner.”

As part of a deal with prosecutors, on Tuesday, Fabian, 25, pleaded guilty only to a traffic offense — improper lane use — for making a wide turn as he left the clinic.

DuPage County Judge Anthony Coco placed Fabian on three months of court supervision and ordered him to pay $180 in costs.

Michael Fabian, 25, agreed to serve three months of court supervision and pay $180 in court costs on his plea to improper lane use, a petty offense. The charge was amended from misdemeanor aggravated assault, which carries up to a year in jail.

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