Assault at Abortionist’s home

SOABHSurvivors of the Abortion Holocaust picketed New Mexico abortionist Larry Leeman‘s home. The media interviewed Leeman’s wife who said, she was “terrified to leave,” and also told the media, “They (the protesters) stayed for two hours chanting horrible things. They were saying, ‘This doctor kills babies.’ ”



Well…what exactly does an abortionist do, if not kill babies? Wonder how “Terrified” those little babies are that he rips apart in the womb.

Picket Surviors

But a member if Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust alleges someone drove a car slowly toward the group and hit someone, during the picket. The pro-lifer said deputies witnessed the incident but wouldn’t file a report. On the group’s facbook page, they wrote this: “The Survivors are praying and sharing the pro-life message in the neighborhood of Dr. Leeman, (a natural birth doctor who also teaches how to abort children at UNM), when his wife, Rebecca, emerged from her home attacking some of the pro-life girls, attempting to run them over, and hosing them down.

According to the group, Police were are at the scene now trying to get Rebecca under control. But she called in reinforcements. There is now a huge group of pro-aborts who are threatening the young Survivors and ruining their signs.

In the video below we see a woman pro-lifers identify as Rebecca attack one of the pro-lifers and then push her way behind the protestors to “pull weeds” near the street




She then grabs the megaphone from a young pro-life activist and mocks them with calls to police:


RebeccaPulls Weeds

Rebecca then goes up to the camera and in a weird way starts blowing on the lens

Rebecca breaths on vid

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