Pro-aborts NAILED by COPS for following Pro-lifers

TFP Student Action went across Texas sharing the pro-life message.

They write this:

The second campaign of the day took place at 6th St. and Lamar St. near downtown Austin. On our side of the intersection was a music store called Waterloo. After a while counter-protestors appeared carrying sings they obtained from the music store.

Their signs read, “honk twice if you are pro-choice” and “honk twice if you think these guys are d****.” One of the pro-abortion men had a large, visible satanic tattoo on his calf, a goat’s skull inside a pentagram with the word “possessed” written under it. Their ring leader blurted, “I think abortion is delicious.” The eerie encounter reminded us of the satanic chant heard earlier this month at the State Capitol when pro-abortion activists attempted to impede pro-life legislation. Those who rally around the flag of abortion and debauchery have a dark master.

On Friday, after visiting Mission San Jose and the National Basilica of St. Therese, we traveled to Lubbock. The next day, we were ready for action and campaigned in front of Texas Tech. If we thought the support in San Antonio was good, Lubbock proved to be still better. The honks and vocal support were amazing. A young man got out of his car and said: “I pray with the other pro-lifers in front of the local Planned Parenthood in town. Most of them are women. I am so glad to see men protesting against abortion!” Another lady kindly brought us a welcome package of cold water and Gatorade.

Perhaps infuriated by all the support, a pro-abortion individual hurled a large cup of water at TFP member Elias Bartel. It hit his sign.

At rush hour, St. Michael Caravan members campaigned near the South Plains Mall. The reaction was excellent. On three different occasions, people got out of their cars to shake our hands or take pictures with us.

Two pro-abortion individuals showed up with signs: One read: “These men are *****” and the other: “Honk stupid rednecks.” But the support did not slacken.

As we drove out of the parking lot, two pro-abortion men in a white GMC followed us. They stalked our van all the way to the Lubbock Police Station, a fifteen minute drive. We also alerted the police about what was happening. At the Police Station they pulled up beside our van and shouted profane insults at us and made vulgar gestures. Seconds later, two police cars with lights flashing swooped down and pulled them over. A spontaneous cheer erupted in our van.

Let us continue fighting abortion and its sinful culture. And may God protect and bless America with graces of conversion.

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