Disrespectful pro-abort is removed from #Texas Capitol

Texas senators abortion bill Sb1 Troopers remove woman speaking


The pro-choicer was rude and disrespectful and she brags that she is moving to New York where they do not kill inmates because they are “Pro-life” – she then attacks individual representatives:

Senator Campbell, you’re an Ophthalmologist, so I won’t be making you an expert on reproductive health, we can give you all the children with chlamydia and herpes in their eyes since we don’t have sex-ed in the state. And Senator Hegar, you are about as helpful…,” she was then interrupted by the Committee, “this is my government ma’am, I will judge you,” asking if the discussion with the committee is counting against her time. “Okay, well I will just go ahead and talk over her [ Senate Committee member], and this is how big of a fraud I knew you were for being so proud of these proceedings all night…I will speak against an Ophthalmologist who said…” she is then removed by security and keeps talking, “Everyone on the internet can see what you are doing right now, this is a farce, the Texas legislature is a bunch of liars who hate women…”

According to a Texas news station, Sarah Slamen of Houston was one of 357 people to offer testimony before the committee. She used her two minutes to take on senators and pro-life supporters saying, “Thank you for every hateful statement degrading women and girls to sex objects and brood mares and bald eagles and leather wallets like your eloquent pro-life supporters have done today.”

But the committee chair, Sen. Jane nelson of Flower Mound, called in state troopers when Slamen started in on individual committee members, “And this is how big of a fraud I knew you were for being so proud of these proceedings all night, because it’s a low bar that you hold yourself to that you simply allowed us to speak. And I will speak against an ophthalmologist who says…everyone on the Internet can see what you’re doing right now.”

In an email to NewsFix, Sen. Nelson said she had Slamen removed because she never allowed personal attacks on senators of either party at her hearings:

“A witness was removed for personally attacking specific senators after delivering her prepared comments. We received testimony from 3863 people, including 357 who provided oral testimony. We heard passionate yet respectful testimony from 356 people and the breach of decorum by one individual should not overshadow the courtesy displayed by everyone else.”

Nelson learned a lesson from Lt. Governor David Dewhurst who let the gallery take over the Senate during the last minutes of the regular session.

Another blogger posted it this way:

Sarah Slamen speaking out at a Texas Senate panel about the abortion bil that was provisionally approved by the Texas House last night.

Slamen, a soon-to-be-New-Yorker, gave the senators a piece of her mind about the bill.

“Thank you for being you, Texas Legislature…You have radicalized hundreds of thousands of us, and no matter what you do for the next 22 days, women and their allies are coming for you.”

When she began criticizing individual panelists, she was forcibly removed by police.

Said Slamen to DailyKos:

Senator Jane Nelson tried to say I was being disrespectful but how would she know? I barely got to give the complete performance review of every member on the committee. Pointing out that Sen. Donna Campbell is an ophthalmologist is not disrespectful when she asserts in a state hearing that she should be THE expert on reproductive health. What was disrespectful was the parade of anti-choice zealots and misogynists who got up for 13 hours and called women murderers, killers, promiscuous, thoughtless, and selfish. Not a peep from committee chair Nelson on those.

The original video has been removed but had a title across the top: The Soviet Republic of Texas:

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