Abortionist’s secret habits


Abortionist’s secret habits

Lifestyle of an abortionist


On January 15, 1999, abortionist Neville W. Duncan was placed on 18 months’ probation, sentenced to 30 days in jail and fined $250 after pleading no contest to charges that he beat his wife and was arrested with crack cocaine in his pocket.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article, Doctor sentenced to 30 days in jail, A prosecutor in the case stated that,

“When you are providing medical services to others, they expect you to be healthy and in a good way. . . . In this case, I want him to be monitored. If he is to continue as a medical professional, he needs to remain absolutely drug-free.”
Here is the mug shot of Duncan from the time of the event.

Duncan is currently licensed (2013) with the State of Wisconsin and his online address goes to this National Abortion Federation Clinic

Abortionist’s hygiene – Can you say gross?

During a Kansas House Committee on Health and Human Services hearing March 15, 2005, Kansas City Police Detective William Howard gave the following testimony concerning the appearance of abortionist Krishna Rajanna when he responded to a call at Rajanna’s clinic:

“Abortionist Dr. Krishna Rajanna lacked personal hygiene. His hair was messy, hands dirty, and his clothing was wrinkled and stained. He put on old, used foot booties while we were there. In a statement to me one witness/suspect related how Dr. Rajanna was a filthy man who did not properly sterilize his equipment.”

Being stoned not a problem for abortion doc

Sheri McDaniel, a former employee of abortionist William Malcolm Knarr, swore in an affidavit October 22, 1992 that Knarr appeared to be high on drugs while at the 720 Central Facility.

“On one occasion I heard a conversation at the front desk between Dr. Knarr and another employee in which Knarr stated he had taken some Stadol because he had a headache. He told his staff when he came in to do the abortion that he was not alert. He went ahead and performed the procedure anyway. Knarr had a picnic for his employees at his home when I first began working there. At least one individual who worked for Knarr was also snorting amphetamines. This employee would snort these amphetamines during her working hours at Knarr’s facility.”

Abortionist drunk loses license

In January of 2005, The California Medical Board revoked the license of abortionist Glenn E. Miller in repsonse to findings during Medical Board of California Case # D1-1996-70206

The board accused Miller of being intoxicated while on duty.

In 1997, Miller was having so much trouble controlling his drinking that it became apparent to fellow employees. The case details that even though Miller repeatedly entered rehab programs he continued to relapse into drinking. In 1998 a psychiatric evaluation of Miller established,
“That there existed a high likelihood of danger to patients if treatment were unsuccessful.”

The Golden Gate Planned Parenthood Group later employed Miller in the Bay area. In December of 1998, despite Miller’s history of intoxication, the Women’s Community Medical (abortion) Clinic in San Jose also employed him for the purpose of surgical procedures relating to abortion.

On July 3, 2000, according to the report of his diversion program manager, Miller was “brought in drunk and passed out at White Memorial Hospital’s ER this weekend.”
On June 12, 2003, he again tested positive for alcohol while in the employment of The Women’s Community Medical (abortion) clinic. He blamed the result on something he had eaten, but was ordered to cease practicing medicine for six months. Miller continued to drink and in one occasion after failing to show up for a urine test, Miller was contacted by telephone and appeared “totally incoherent.”

Miller later enrolled into a program where Miller claims his therapist failed to treat him for issues relating to his past (he claimed he was abused as a child). In an interesting revelation, Miller’s therapist diagnosed him as having a sexual addiction and recommended that Miller never be able to treat a female patient.

Bertha Bugarin, owner of several abortion clinics that employed Miller testified in the case that Miller was in her estimation:

“responsible, punctual, and professional”

and despite the overwhelming evidence of Miller’s addictions,

“would welcome Miller back into her abortion clinics.”

Cocaine, stalking – just another day

According to NY State Board of Professional Medical Conduct Case # BPMC 01-99, abortionist Daniel Holschauer had been treated for cocaine abuse and was reported to have lied on his medical applications about his troubles. Local news stated that he lied to officials at two hospitals when he applied for privileges at both hospitals, claiming he’d never had a problem with drugs or alcohol abuse. An article in the The Times Herald (01/06/01) stated that in fact, he’d been in drug rehab for cocaine addiction, which had cost him a job in 1988, and which was an ongoing problem. He was also charged with stalking abortion patients that he wanted to have sex with.

Wise Guy embraces abortion for the $$$

Why own an abortion clinic? It’s about the women right?

Meet a notorious Chicago mobster Anthony T. (Tony) Centracchio. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Living the high life without getting caught (08/25/02), Centracchio was quite the entrepreneur as he operated an illegal video gambling operation that took in over $22 million dollars.

As most people know, in order to be a successful mobster such as Centracchio, you need legitimate ways to explain the good life you’re living – nice houses, fancy cars, big vacations, and private schools for the kids. He could hardly just throw all that money into a savings account, so he purchased high dollar businesses such as abortion clinics to help hide the source of the income.

But perhaps for Centracchio the purchase of the abortion clinic served multiple purposes as a March 3, 2001 NewsMax.com article revealed – this 71-year-old mobster was also captured in the compromising position of having sex with an employee at his abortion clinic. (Perhaps this is the “about women” part)

Below is an exert from the US District Court, Northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division: Case # 99CR-325 USA vs. Anthony T. Centracchio. In preparing the case, the FBI placed surveillance cameras in the A.C.T. Medical Center (which was owned by Centracchio). Among other things, the camera caught Centracchiowith an envelope of cash that was delivered to the clinic.

US District Court, Northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division: Case # 99CR-325
USA vs. Anthony T. Centracchio

“Anthony Centracchio became the leader or boss of the Eboli-Centracchio Enterprise sometime subsequent to the death of Louis “the Mooch” Eboli. In this capacity, as had Louis “the Mooch” Eboli, he supervised the collection of money including the payment of “street tax,” and distribution of sums of money for the payment of bribes to law enforcement and public officials in Franklin Park, Melrose Park, Northlake, Stone Park, and elsewhere in the State of Illinois, for the protection of the operation of video gambling machines and assistance in the conduct of adult entertainment businesses in those areas.On or about April 2, 1993, defendant Thomas R. Tucker drove to and entered A.C.T. Medical Center, an established owned and operated by defendant Anthony T. Centracchio.”

$80,000 in gambling debts

The Associated Press reported in an article that appeared in the Birmingham News, Abortion doctor lost at gambling, probers say (09/03/93), that abortionist George Wayne Patterson had over $80,000 in gambling debts before he was killed in a Mobile, Alabama parking lot located in the nightclub district. In his Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition, Patterson reportedly said his gambling losses for the previous year totaled $50,000. He owed at least three bookies $80,000.

Abortion is a Sacred Sacrifice

In her book, Pagan Meditations, Ginette Paris describes abortion this way:


“as an essentially religious act, a sacred sacrifice to Artemis. One aborts an impossible love, not a hatred.”

In her book, The Sacrament of Abortion,

Paris explains that if we saw abortion as a sacred ritual, “it would restore to the act a sense of the sanctity of life. …For those sisters who have chosen the “sacrament” of abortion, we will make sacred the sacrifice.”

Are you a good witch or a . . . never mind you’re all OK by me

Patricia Baird-Windle, owner of the Aware Women’s abortion clinic in Florida was accused by some of being a witch. This was what Wren Walker of the “Witche’s Voice” had to say in her defense,

“Patricia Baird-Windle has not declared herself as a Witch (although to quote a Seinfeld episode “Not that’s there’s anything WRONG with that!). She ( Windle the abortion clinic owner) is in fact, known in the community in question as a Christian..albeit a Christian tolerant of feminists, witches and women’s rights.”

The car below was owned by one of the Aware Women’s clinic employees.

The bumper sticker text is included here in case you can’t read them on your monitor
1) “IN GODDESS WE TRUST” bumper sticker
3) One on top of the bumper that is not visible: “MY GODDESS GAVE BIRTH TO YOUR GOD”


Photo: Forerunner.com

Who do Voodoo?

According to the article, How abortion ‘con man’ defied the law (NY Newsday 05/02/93), the ex-wife of abortion doctor, Maxen Samuel, claimed that Samuel used voodoo to persuade her to perform illegal abortions.

She stated to police that,

“he was very powerful and could cause my death, if he wished to do so, lighting candles, going into trances and be seemingly possessed by spirits . . . My husband would have friends and colleagues at our home to participate in these rituals.”

Brooklyn prosecutors dismissed the voodoo accusation as “beyond belief.” Samuel was later arrested for the illegal dumping of bloody medical waste from one of his Queens clinics.

Abortion Doc wears crimson devil horn and tail

Lewis Koplick Crimson Horn Devil and Tail Abortionist

The University of New Mexico’s student paper, The Lobo Daily, noted in a 11/05/93 article that abortionist Lewis H. Koplik admitted to wearing devil’s tail and a crimson horn at a demonstration. He claimed that he does not “personally believe in devils” but wore the costume to make a point.

Abortion worker practices ancient rituals

City Beats article, Local clinic closes rather than obey new Ohio law (02/22/06), shows that Debi Jackson, an Ohio abortion clinic employee, practices an ancient Chinese ritual inside Cincinnati Women’s Services (abortion) clinic where she works.

Debi Jackson

In this photo by the article’s author, Sam Robinson, Jackson is seen applying the ritual of Harmonic vibrations caused by rubbing a dragon bowl’s brass handles create wavelets and jumping water.

A free rock in honor of the killing of your child
Ms. Magazine in their article, Abortion under attack (August-September, 2001), talks about the strange actions of Peg Johnston, director of Southern Tier Women’s Services abortion clinic near Binghamton, New York, who offers women a polished stone before their abortion and describes Native American and Buddhist rituals “to help the healing process.”

Johnston tells them,

‘There is no Hallmark card for you, but it doesn’t mean you can’t honor your loss.”

Abortion clinic escort, High Priest and Wiccan Elder
Joseph Z, abortion clinic escort posted this is on his website Joe and Jezibell.net,

“Welcome to JoeandJezibell.net, a site of witchcraft, bellydancing, anthropology, music and assorted tidbits of art and spirituality! (a.k.a. the Klingon, the Bear, Bjornkin Frievalkyr, Pan, Captain Kirk, Hagrid, Gimli, Hagrim, or simply “Joe”) Zuchowski is a Wiccan elder with over twenty-five years of Craft experience, and the High Priest of the Pagan Way Grove and Kyklos ton Asterion Coven. He is also a member of the Ordo Templi Orientis. Joe has studied Wong Lao Teh Gar kung fu and also holds a black belt in the martial art of kajungdo. A political activist he has done abortion clinic defense and marched on Washington”

Have you ever been called a witch?

Here is a “Feminist Purity Test” that was posted online asks these questions to prove you are a “Pure” Feminist:

Do you say ‘goddess’ instead of ‘god’?
Have you ever been called a witch or weird?
Can you list 3 female goddesses?
Was that ritual a pagan one?
Are you a lesbian?
Have you ever had a physical relationship with another woman?
Have you ever had a legal abortion?
Have you ever assisted a friend who needed an abortion?
Have you ever participated in clinic defense at an abortion clinic?

Abortion Clinic Escort on the Pagan Path
On the website witchvox.com author Shining Spider penned an essay, Finding the Warrior Goddess In the Unlikeliest of Places, describes how her “religious life” and her activist life mingles as she works as an abortion clinic escort.

In her own words:

“Often, when we are on the “Pagan path” of seeking a relationship with the divine, we seek it out in what are still pretty traditional ways. Pagans – like other religious people – use meditation, chanting, prayer, worship, classes and workshops to find that aspect within each of us that links up with our idea of deity. Through these exercises we don’t only find peace or a connection with the Goddess, but we also learn more about ourselves.

I did ‘clinic defense’ work with a group based in DC. The basic premise is that, working with the clinic, we make a safe passage from street to door for women who are often yelled at by pro-life/anti-choice protesters. Not all clinics are in need of this – I, for many years, went to a Planned Parenthood.

During breaks, I noticed the changes that had taken place. Normally, I do not stand with the best posture and have trouble making eye contact with strangers. Through the initial hour or so of protest I had begun to stand tall and to meet the stare of the looming protestor, who seemed to constantly stand behind me screaming, ‘House of Abortion.’ This behavior change carried through my day and has spilled over into my day-to-day life. The woman who used to avoid eye contact, in the office hallway, has been replaced by a tall standing woman, now freely owning her own space, with a smile. When images of warriors are conjured in my mind, it is an active role; a person on horseback lunging forward into the throngs of ‘the enemy.’ Never before did I consider that holding my ground, making eye contact with a person throwing insults, or simply holding a door could hold that same energy or devotion to change.”

Abortion clinic named after goddess

The 1998 Sept/Oct edition of Christianity Today featured and article titled Bewitched, that spoke about how paganism was being mainstreamed into society.

The author writes:

“Like many Christians, I knew little about the neo-pagan movement until five years ago, when I discovered that the name of a Seattle abortion clinic, “Aradia,” named after a “goddess of healing arts,” also was cited in witchcraft literature as the daughter of the moon goddess Diana and the sun god Lucifer sent to earth to establish witchcraft.”

Satanic Video allegedly shows abortion rituals

A February 23, 1992 article in the UK’s newspaper, The Independent, focused on a controversial satanic video. A woman identified only as ”Jennifer” claimed to have been a member of the group that made the video and said that she took part in ”rituals” held in the same room.

The paper reported that she told in graphic detail how she was made to take part in the sacrifice of young children, including her own baby daughter. She said one scene from the video was the abortion of a five-month-old fetus that would be used in sacrificial rituals. Her account was contested by some that claimed the video did not show children and the house where it was filed did not have a basement. But superintendent Michael Hames, head of the Obscene Publications Squad, said: ”It contains scenes of offenses of grievous bodily harm which are performed in a ritualistic fashion.” He added that the statements by ”Jennifer” amounted to an allegation of murder and the police wished to identify and interview her.

Witches and abortion

In the essay, Ethics of Abortion, a witch’s perspective, the author invesitgates the historical role of the witch and their association with abortion. Quoting from a variety of sources she writes:

About the witch as the abortionist:

“As a Wiccan High Priestess, I asked myself, where should a Witch’s ethics on abortion be grounded? My first approach was to consider the historical background of the Witch as an abortionist. Before the burning times women controlled their own medicine, and abortion was herbally induced. . . so we are told in Witches, Midwives, and Nurses (pg 14).”

About the witch and contraceptives:

“Ancient methods of family limitation known to the Greeks and Romans–contraceptive sponges, abortifacient drugs–were outlawed by the clergy and retained only in some secret traditions of witchcraft” (pg 174). Barbara Walker In her book, The Skeptical Feminist”

About her experience at a pro-choice event:

“Casting pentagrams in the air I yelled “I invoke Diana, protect your women” Some pro-choice women started chanting, “We all come from the Goddess”, while other pro-choice women defiantly held up crosses made from rusty clothes hangers. As they supported my ritual they became a part of it, blending our energies together. I focused on “Miss Forward”, repeating the invocation until peaking our cone.”

Say what? The goddess lives in my body?

The National Review reported December 16, 1991 that several escorts at the Feminist WHC clinics chanted bizarre chants. Besides the usual boilerplate (“fascist p—k,” “f—ing bitch,” KKK,” “Bircher,” etc.), the clinic escorts have chanted such lines as: “The goddess lives here in my body,” “Masturbation can be fun,” and “Jesus was an olive-skinned gay Jewish healer.”

Abortion important among witches and pagans

In the pagan journal, The New Moon Rising, one witch writes about how pagans can take part in pro-abortion demonstrations.

“Wicca and Paganism are earth religions…the responsibility for the Freedom of Choice. (The abortion issue) has become more important among witches and pagans as they find themselves able to become more public, you can find Pagan-folk at the scene of ever major (pro-choice) demonstration…”

Aborted fetuses used for sacrifice in a satanic coven

On March 17, 1990, The Independent printed an article entitled, Ritual killing fears in child sex rings, author states that children and women are impregnated in ritualist satanic fashion only to have the unborn children sacrificed and fetuses killed by pedophiles during satanic rites. Evidence gathered from children has convinced them that sophisticated child sex rings are involved in this ritual murder.

Social workers state that children are telling them horrific tales and they believe that in some circumstances the stories are true.

Jan Van Wagtendonk, consultant in child sexual abuse work with the National Children’s Home said:

”I believe that this does happen. Children are telling us about seeing babies killed, of killing animals, drinking urine and eating human flesh. Kids who at the time of abuse were only eight years old are saying they have been involved in the killing of babies. But we have no physical proof. I don’t know of any bodies having been dug up. I don’t know if dolls are being used and the children are being confused. We just don’t have the proof that these things have happened but I believe that killings have taken place.The ritual is used to scare the children into secrecy. Participating in the ceremonies makes them feel guilty and implicates them. Their stories are so incredible that people will not bother to believe them.”

The claims are that girls, known as ”brood mares”, produce fetuses for sacrifice in a coven. The mothers are said to participate sometimes in the killing.

One of the alleged victims of these rituals told the paper,

”I saw one foetus having its throat cut. The blood was collected for drinking and the body was burned. Sometimes killing will be done by stabbing through the heart. Bits of the body are taken out. The liver and the heart are important. They are eaten or stored in a freezer until the next time around. Sometimes they will melt down the fat for candles and bones are used as aphrodisiacs.Babies are important because it is believed that Satan likes something that is pure so that it can be defiled. Children are considered pure, so to defile them and drink their blood is seen as enhancing a person’s power.The girls are kept through blackmail. It is very hard to get them to talk. A girl of 13 may have killed a baby. That is murder. People will tell them that they can’t go to anyone because they have killed as well.”

Family Planning doc prescribes exorcism

The Daily Telegraph, (NHS doctor ‘told patient she was possessed by evil’: 11/9/2006), reported that Dr. Joyce Pratt in London, who practices at several family Planning clinics, told a patient that she had “something sinister” moving in her stomach and needed an exorcism to ward off evil spirits, a medical tribunal heard yesterday.

The London Guardian, Doctor prescribed crosses to beat black magic, tribunal told (11/9/2006), reported that Pratt informed the young woman that she was being tormented by black magic and sent her away with crosses and stones to protect her. She also claimed to have visionary powers and told the patient that her mother was a witch who was planning to kill her, it was alleged.

Pratt worked for the NHS Westside Contraceptive Services in Westminster, London, which offers emergency contraceptives otherwise known as abortion pills. The UK Guardian Unlimited reported that she also works in several other family planning clinics.

Heather Norton, for UK’s General Medical Council (GMC), told the The UK Express (Doctor told her patient: Go to see an exorcist: 11/9/2006), “The case stems from a particular consultation at the Westside Contraceptive Clinic with the patient, Mrs K, who attended for an injection.”

“It was made clear to Dr. Pratt by Mrs. K that she had concerns about the size of her stomach and about bleeding and pain she had previously experienced.

“Dr. Pratt’s response was effectively to tell Mrs. K that she had black magic powers in order to alleviate the problem.

“She told her that she should take holy water and that she should see some priests.”

“She gave her crosses and stones that she said would protect her from black magic.”

“She told her her mother was a witch and that she and her husband were planning to kill her. Mrs. K was left very shaken and intimidated.”

“Dr. Pratt then spoke to the clinic nurse, who was present. She spoke to her about that fact that she was a visionary and that her special powers were recognised from an early age.”

“The nurse was sufficiently alarmed that she contacted Mrs. K to check she was all right and to notify her manager.”

Perhaps he was a post-birth abortionist

A Bergen County, NJ newspaper, The Record, reported in an article June 22, 2006, that Sherwin Raymond of Ridgefield, who in the 1960’s had served three years in prison for performing illegal abortions, was arrested in June of 2006 on charges that he recklessly created “a risk of widespread injury or damage” by storing hundreds of guns, rifles and shotguns at his home.

The five-count indictment also charges Raymond with storing gunpowder and a host of large-capacity magazines in the basement, attic, garage and living room of the home he shared with his wife, Elizabeth. Detective Robert Williams noted that, “The first time we went into the house, it was amazing. The guns were stacked everywhere. The guns in the basement, you could hardly move through.”

Police say they found nearly 500 guns, from handguns to AK-47s, from guns in books to guns in the attic. They say over 100,000 rounds of ammunition was found, along with 800 pounds of black gun powder.

Here’s a twist: Just kill the ones you can’t sell

The USA Today article, Baby Dealer, tells the story of a woman in a search to locate her biological mother, an adoptive woman uncovered a bizarre practice of abortionist Thomas Jugarthy Hicks. During her search it was uncovered that Hicks persuaded some young women who came to him for abortions to carry their babies to full term. He then sold newborns to people who wanted a baby with no questions asked.

One woman who went to Hicks for an abortion told reporters that Hicks would put the girl’s up in a New York hotel or in Hick’s apartments in the telephone company building, or in the farmhouse on his farm until they delivered. Hicks was indicted by Georgia authorities for performing an illegal abortion. In exchange for surrendering his license, the case against him was dropped. Hicks died in 1972, at age 83.

Con man poses as abortionist

UPI followed the life and times of con man Paul Kitonis as he impersonated a variety of people over a multi-year span including an abortionist.

It all began in 1972, when Paul Kitonis was convicted of stealing medical equipment from the University of Maryland hospital, where he worked as a technician, and apparently using some of it to pretend he was a physician and perform an abortion on a 21-year-old Baltimore barmaid.

Then in 1981, Police said a man who claimed to be psychologist and investigative hypnotist Saul Morris, and played a major part in winning a new trial for a suspect in a highly-publicized arson-murder case is really fugitive con man Paul Kitonis. Posing as the psychologist Morris, Kitonis even participated in stress seminars for Detroit area police, investigators said.

Lies, lies, and more lies

On November 17, 2004, the Wisconsin Medical Examining Board reviewed the application for medical licensure submitted by abortionist Vinod K. Goyal. (For a copy of the findings of the review click here)

In their findings The Wisconsin Board noted that in 1992 and 1993, the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation (IDPR) received four complaints from insurance carriers alleging that Goyal’s clinics had provided inaccurate information regarding charges for services.

Goyal entered into a stipulation for settlement with the IDPR to resolve the complaints. As a part of the settlement, Goyal agreed to revise his office intake forms to avoid future problems with inaccurate fee quotes, to desist in efforts to collect unpaid fees in connection with the inaccurate fee quotes, and to pay a monetary fine of $4,000.00. In addition, the IDPR placed Goyal’s medical license on a two-year probationary period.

In 1996, Goyal agreed to a reprimand by the IDPR in connection with possible misleading statement made by him during a proceeding involving a Certificate of Need application for relocation of his medical office. Goyal wanted to open an abortion clinic in Arlington Heights and told the Illinois Health Facilities Board he needed to move the clinic from Des Plaines to Arlington Heights because of “abhorrent conditions. ”

Dennis Tobin, Goyal’s attorney told the Chicago Daily Herald, (Doctor fined for exaggerating poor conditions at his clinic 11/13/97), Goyal was dissatisfied with how much money he was shelling out to fix problems at the building, which they claim the landlord would not take care of. Goyal lied when he told the Illinois Health Facilities Board that the building was full of rodents and dirty rooms, placing his abortion patients in jeopardy. The lie was a scam for profit reasons alone.

Illinois Health Facilities Board member Richard Wright recalls Goyal showing pictures of flood damage at the hearing.”I recall thinking, ‘If it is so bad, why are you still practicing there?’ ” Wright said. That is why board members decided to send a transcript of Goyal’s statements to the regulation board who visited the site for themselves.

Spokeswoman Maureen Squires said the inspectors did not find rodents or dirty rooms as Goyal had described. They found no patients to be in jeopardy. Although he was fined, it does not mean he can not practice medicine, she said. “It is a black mark on his record and any employer or patient can check it,” she said. “It will remain as a permanent mark.”

In a signed consent order, Goyal admitted the statements he made about the physical condition of the Des Plaines facility were misleading. Goyal was assessed a $2,000.00 fine in connection with the disciplinary action against his license.

Beginning in 1978 and through 1996, a report provided by the IDPR indicates nine malpractice claims had been filed against Goyal. The majority of the suits were settled out of court by the insurance carrier. Goyal was dismissed as a party in at least three of the malpractice actions because he was not directly involved in the patient care.

Death dealing and drug dealing

Abortionist Frederick Cohn was indicted in August 2001, along with a colleague, Yakov Gregorevich Drabovsky on 18 counts of prescribing painkillers without a legitimate medical purpose. The two reportedly operated a pain clinic in Paintsville.

Cohn, 71 at the time, reached a plea bargain with federal prosecutors that will require him to cooperate in investigations of other health care professionals, said U.S. Attorney Gregory Van Tatenhove. In his guilty plea, Cohn admitted dispensing up to 1 million painkillers without a legitimate medical purpose, conspiring to conduct financial transactions with money from unlawful activity and committing federal health care fraud by submitting false invoices to Medicaid.

Cohn received his medical license in Kentucky in 1993, but was placed on two years’ probation and ordered to never practice obstetric medicine or perform abortions in the state. Cohn had been placed on probation in New Mexico for 10 years in 1986 for “providing inappropriate patient care.”

Van Tatenhove said. “Dr. Cohn’s conduct is the most egregious kind that we’ve seen out there in taking advantage of those who end up becoming enslaved to these prescription drugs.”

Lexington Herald Leader reported in their January 31,2003 article entitled, Questionable practices; prospect of docs dealing drugs pressures medical-licensing board, Cohn said in a 2001 interview that he and an associate signed up more than 9,000 patients in less than a year. Overall, authorities said, the pair collected nearly $1 million and prescribed more than 5 million doses of controlled substances before being arrested.

The medical board said in the order said that their files showed “no evidence of even a basic attempt to practice medicine,” suspending Cohn’s license.

Cohn had a long career in New Mexico before that state’s medical board found him “grossly negligent” while doing an abortion, on a 16-year-old girl. In the New Mexico Medical Board case # 2003-004 and # 86-002 the girl who was 28 weeks pregnant, went to Cohn for an abortion on October 10,1985. Cohn performed a suction abortion ( a procedure used on first trimester abortions) on the girl stating he thought she was only 6-8 weeks pregnant. He then had the teen transferred to a hospital telling hospital physicians that she had an abdominal mass, and failing to tell them about the abortion attempt.

Cohn later lied about the incident to investigators, telling them he did not know the teen was pregnant and denied doing any medical care for the teen in his office. The New Mexico Medical Board banned Cohn from performing abortions in the state.

He was put on probation. Three years later, he quit medicine to sell real estate. He won his license back in 1992. Citing New Mexico’s lead, Kentucky accepted him in 1993, imposing a shorter probation.

Colin Bailey and cocaine abuse

On August 8, 1990, on the basis of his history and the practice of cocaine abuse, abortionist Colin Bailey entered into a voluntary agreement with the NY State Department of Health, Bureau of Professional Misconduct to remain drug free and to have his urine randomly tested. The following incidents occurred prior to and after the date of this agreement:

September 6,1989: during a physical, Bailey’s urine tested positive for cocaine and he was suspended from Metropolitan Hospital.
Bailey used cocaine the week following his suspension and at least once 6 months after he was suspended from Metropolitan Hospital.
In 1991: Bailey’s urine tested positive for cocaine, January 7th and January 15th .

Bailey was charged with negligence on more than one occasion, gross incompetence, drug dependence, and fraud.

Bailey admitted to the charges of negligence, incompetence; practicing fraudulently; being dependent on cocaine and failing to maintain accurate records.

To read the commissioner’s order click here

Abortionists guilty of aborting wife


Malachy DeHenre was found guilty of manslaughter in the 1997 slaying of his wife. According to press reports the jury only deliberated 45 minutes before returning with a guilty verdict.

DeHenre’s wife, Dr. Nyasha DeHenre, was found in the family home in January of 1997 with a single gunshot wound to the head. Evidence given during the trial showed that the wound inflicted was not suicide or an accident.

DeHenre’s medical license has been suspended indefinitely in Mississippi, Alabama, and New York for a variety of reasons relating to his abortion practice.

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