1975 Masturbation PSA from Planned Parenthood surfaces

According to HuffPo: A 1975 educational video about masturbation — complete with laughably awkward staging — has been making the rounds on the Internet.

According to HuffPo, in the vid, a mother walks in on her son pleasuring himself under the sheets. She reassures him it’s normal and that he’s doing the right thing by keeping it private. “It felt good, didn’t it?” she asks, then apologizes for barging in.

The segment was part of a 20-minute PSA, titled “The ABC of Sex Education for Trainables,” by Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Planned Parenthood seems fixated on topics of sex and masturbation for children and they teach these things in the classrooms:

Planned Parenthood AsktheExperts

Just what will Planned Parenthood teach the kindergarteners? Here are some possibilities:


Explicit Body Descriptions:

What is Pre-Cum?

I didn’t Spew

The book Planned Parenthood sells for 10 year old kids called “It’s Perfectly Normal.” Click on the name to view. ( WARNING PORNOGRAPHIC MATERIAL)


The pictures from “It’s Perfectly Normal” contained pornographic images of cartoon characters engaging in various sex acts.

Parenthood’s web-site “Teen Talk” where “foreplay” is explicitly detailed and “outercourse” is promoted as safe sex, contraception, psychological relief and sexual fulfillment.

Maybe Planned Parenthood will hand these out to the children:


Or kids can learn this:
Planned Parenthood Sex Ed

Or they can watch this vid:
Its YourGame Planned Parenthood

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