Woman sues after abortion suction tube gets stuck inside her

Kalo  Jacob
(H/T Jill Stanek and Lynn Mills)

Pro-life investigator Lynn Mills has just notified Jill Stanek of a new malpractice lawsuit filed against abortionist Jacob Kalo and Western Women’s Center abortion clinic on January 13.

From Stanek’s blog: In July 2011, Michigan abortionist Jacob Kalo told a mother in the process of getting an abortion that he had to stop, because a suction tube broke off inside her uterus and he couldn’t get it out.

He wrote her a prescription and told her to drive to the emergency room at Hutzel Hospital in Detroit rather than a hospital closer to his mill in West Bloomfield. The ER doctor couldn’t get the instrument out either, and the mother had to have it surgically removed. It turns out the tube was embedded in her uterine wall. She’s now suing for $25,000.

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Jacob Kaol Malpractice

Kalo was also sued (Here) after a women he aborted was diagnosed with an ectopic pregnancy. According to the lawsuit- she went back to the clinic several times and they “claimed” they sent the POC’s to the lab, had they really done this they would have known she was still pregnant – tubal pregnancies can be life threatening.

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