Black Panther Parody by Kevin Jackson

Black Panther “Malik,” I mean, Black Conservative Kevin, I mean, Multi-Dimensional Kevin Jackson ( graced us with his wit, his French, his good looks and his wisdom. I met Kevin fifteen years ago when we were both doing stand up comedy. I complemented his ‘set’ because he was smart, funny and clean. Little did I know that years later we’d be bumping into each other at Tea Party events!

Author of “Sexy Brilliance,” and “The Big, Black Lie,” Kevin Jackson says, “We (conservatives) should be taking over “Wackadamia, the Media, and Entertainment. Kevin says “We must stop the Lunatic Left from attacking our pillars; Capitalism, the Church, and the Military….We’re in a spiritual battle.”

You can hear his award-winning radio program here. ( Kevin, run for President and bring some humor into the White House!

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