Bounty for info leading to resignation or criminal conviction against Barry Chase of Memphis Planned Parenthood

A private citizen, who claims this is not about violence, has offered a $10,000 reward for evidence leading to the arrest or resignation of the CEO of Planned Parenthood of Greater Memphis. Thurstle Mullen, a nurse living in Cordova, posted it on Facebook and Facebook took down the post, claiming he had violated Facebook’s terms of use.


“REWARD OFFER: $10,000.00 Dollars in cold hard cash!

Starting today… and over the course of the next few days, REWARD FACTOR will be posting specific names of high ranking people here in the Memphis area who are active participants in the HUGE amount of ABORTIONS that are performed here in Memphis. Each name of each individual, whether as a Physician, or Director of an abortion clinic here in Memphis, whose name does appear here on REWARD FACTOR… will have a TEN THOUSAND DOLLAR BOUNTY placed on his or her head… payable to whomever submits to REWARD FACTOR sufficient evidence of any deed, act, or comment that concludes in that person being forced to resign or lose his or her license to practice medicine, OR leads to a criminal conviction of sufficient level to be a FELONY OFFENSE.
Our 1st Bounty is offered on: Mr. Barry Chase, CEO of Planned Parenthood of Memphis.

Read rest of story here


In 2012, Congressman Steve Cohen (TN-09) announced that Planned Parenthood Greater Memphis Region (PPGMR) has received $395,000 for the Title X Family Planning Services Program from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Grants Management.

According to a recent 990 filed in 2010 by Planned Parenthood of Greater Memphis:


Barry Chase took home $111,160 plus $5914 in other compensation

and Jo Kendrick , Director of Finance took home $83,379 plus $11,589 in other compensation.

In 2009 it was a bit higher: With President Barry Chase taking $116,089 with $5506 in additional compensation.


Other years indicate a similar salary:

PP Memphis 2006



In 2004 employees made the following:

Abortion Doc: Russell Thomas Horton:

PPMemphis2004 PT 1PPMemphis 2004 PT 2


Lila Rose speaks with Glenn Beck and exposes how a Memphis Tennessee Planned Parenthood counselor tells an undercover investigator posing as a 14 year-old girl who said she was impregnated by a 31 year-old man, to lie to a Judge about her age so she can get an abortion ! This is a clear violation of the law !!!!

Also Read the Child Predator transcript of the Memphis Planned Parenthood here

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