Abortionist convicted of murdering wife, also killed a patient

MalachyDeHenre-2On November 25,2003, abortionist Malachy Dehenre performed an abortion on a patient at the Summit Medical Center abortion clinic in Birmingham, Alabama, who was approximately 17.4 weeks pregnant. The patient was discharged from the clinic 20 minutes after the abortion was complete. The State of Alabama, Board of Medical Examiners states that in less than 6 hours after being discharged from the clinic, the patient’s husband called to say she had developed abdominal pain and a low temperature. He was NOT told to seek medical care. The woman was later found by her husband on the floor, unresponsive and was transported to the hospital by ambulance. She was pronounced DEAD approximately 17-18 hours after being discharged by the abortion clinic. According to the autopsy report, the woman suffered a uterine perforation with massive hemorrhage. The Clarion Ledger reported that court papers identified the woman as Leigh Ann Stephens Alford of Blount County, Alabama. see a list of women killed from legal abortion here http://www.safeandlegal.com

According to the State of Alabama, Medical Board, on March 29, 2002, abortionist Malachy DeHenre performed an abortion on a patient referred to as “CW” at the Summit Medical Center abortion clinic in Birmingham, Alabama. During the procedure “CW” began to bleed excessively. The Birmingham Fire Rescue was summoned and upon arrival EMT’s found the patient unresponsive, not on oxygen, or a cardiac monitor, and bleeding heavily. She appeared to have lost a significant amount of blood and was not being monitored by clinic staff, nor was any emergency treatment being rendered by the abortionist or the staff. The EMT’s were instructed by the abortion clinic, to transport the woman out a steep stairway through the back door of the clinic, but they refused and took the woman safely out the front door. The woman was transported to the hospital and underwent a total hysterectomy. She also required 32 units of blood. She was discharged from the hospital on April 9, 2002. Since this event, DeHenre was arrested and convicted of manslaughter in the shooting death of his wife. and here and here


On June 8, 2000 a woman received an abortion at the New Women All Women abortion clinic in Jackson, Mississippi. She was approximately 15 weeks pregnant. According to a report from the State Medical Board, the patient was immediately discharged after the procedure. Shortly thereafter, she began to experience excessive bleeding. The report indicates that the abortion clinic was informed of the bleeding but made no effort to follow up with the patient. The patient was later transported to Central Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson where she underwent surgery to stop the bleeding. A total abdominal hysterectomy was performed in order to save her life. It was determined that the patient had marked hemorrhage secondary to uterine perforation which occurred at the time of the abortion procedure. The abortionist, Malachy Dehenre, who performed the procedure failed to recognize the perforation and had no after-hours call mechanism in place in order to deal with complications. Since this event, DeHenre was arrested and convicted in for manslaughter in the shooting death of his wife.

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