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Ambulance arrives at Michigan Abortion Clinic

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On Saturday, March 23, 2013, at approximately 6pm an ambulance arrived at the Summit Medical Services abortion clinic in Detroit. A woman is being taken out the back entrance to the clinic by emergency responders. The woman had been counseled earlier in the day by members of the pro-life group Guadalupe Partners. The woman was there for a 2nd trimester abortion.

According to those who posted the video, “Abortionist Reginald Sharpe is at the clinic when the woman is being taken out to the ambulance. A few clinic workers are at the back door. Sharpe’s Jeep vehicle is directly to the left of the ambulance–proof that he was there.

This is the same Reginald Sharpe whose clinics recently closed in Detroit and Livonia, MI, and who in October 2012 filed for federal bankruptcy. This is the same Reginald Sharpe who dumped aborted babies in the trash dumpster behind his Livonia Women’s Advisory facility and discovered by Citizens for a Pro-Life Society. See: In 2008 a woman died from complications to an abortion Sharpe performed in his Detroit clinic. More recently two other women had to undergo full hysterectomies from botched abortions he performed. see for more details on these cases.

The question is– will this woman–taken by ambulance from Summit– suffer the same fate? It is irresponsible for the Summit clinic to hire Reginald Sharpe considering the great harm he has done to women– not to mention the unborn children he has put to death.”