Creeping Later Term Abortionist on Tape calls third trimester abortions “premature delivery”

In June of 2006, Life Dynamics President, Mark Crutcher, unveiled a secret orientation tape created by notorious late term abortionist George Tiller. In this episode of Crutcher’s Life Talk TV show, he interviews Operation Rescue President, Troy Newman, regarding Tiller’s cold and calculating demeanor in the tape. The late abortion doctor admits on camera, that he has performed over 60,000 “terminations of pregnancy” with his expertise in “late term pregnancies.” Calling second and third trimester abortions the “premature delivery of a small stillborn,” Tiller states that, “the woman is the patient, the fetus is the problem.” Tiller then repeats the mantra: “Premature delivery of a small stillborn under twilight anesthesia”, several times, in a propaganda type tone. Crutcher and Newman conclude that the tape, which was created for Tiller’s patients to view prior to their abortion, was his way of rationalizing the killing and shifting the blame over to the woman. They compare Tiller’s actions with those of Nazi prison guards during the German Holocaust.

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