Revoke abortionist Carhart’s medical license after abortion deaths


Maryland’s largest and most active Pro-Life organization has created a national petition campaign calling on the Maryland Board of Physicians to revoke the medical license of Abortionist Leroy Carhart in response to the tragic death of his patient, Jennifer Morbelli, a 29 year old kindergarten teacher from New Rochelle, New York. A vigil organized by Defend Life will be held from 8am – 10am on Wednesday, February 27th at the Maryland Board of Physicians located at 4201 Patterson Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland 21215.
Jennifer Morbelli Funeral

Ms. Morbelli was 8 months pregnant when she sought a 3rd trimester late-term abortion from Leroy Carhart on February 3, 2013 at Germantown Reproductive Health Services located in Germantown, Maryland. There were serious complications from this procedure, and Ms. Morbelli succumbed to her injuries just 4 days later.

Christin Gilbert

In January 2005, Christin Gilbert was killed from an abortion performed by Leroy Carhart in Wichita, Kansas. Ms. Gilbert, who had Down syndrome, was only 19 years old and her pregnancy had been the result of a sexual assault. She was 28 weeks pregnant when her parents sought a 3rd trimester abortion on her behalf from Carhart. See (

Carhart leroycarhartOR

In both cases, Leroy Carhart could not be located to treat either patient when they went into distress from severe complications after their abortion procedures.

The treatment of Ms. Morbelli was further complicated because Carhart did not have any hospital admitting privileges in the State of Maryland and the facility where the abortion was performed was an office condominium that had never been inspected by the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

“Defend Life is grateful to host this national petition effort calling for the revocation of Leroy Carhart’s medical license and the closure of Germantown Reproductive Health Services,” stated Jack Ames, Co-Founder and Director of Defend Life (

“It is no surprise that so many concerned citizens in Maryland and from across the country have signed the petition after the needless death of Ms. Morbelli,” continued Mr. Ames. “We have been warning the Maryland Board of Physicians and other state officials since 2010 that something like this was going to happen. Sadly, we sensed it was only a matter of time until another young mother was killed by the hands of Leroy Carhart.”

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One Response to “Revoke abortionist Carhart’s medical license after abortion deaths”

  1. willowsprite Says:

    I got to your blog from the petition you created on Although putting an end to this man’s practice would be great, I think a better petition would be to ban third trimester abortions altogether. They are dangerous, and not to mention very painful for the child. Something else needs to change here. These “procedures” are always going to be available to people because people demand it. We need to change these people’s minds and end these “procedures” altogether! You can take one man down, but what about the thousands of others?

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