Pro-choicer afraid of Holy Water, charge Catholic grandma with misdemeanor harassment


A pro-life elderly woman has been arrested for sprinkling Holy Water on a public sidewalk outside the local abortion business in Huntsville, Alabama.

The abortion business in question has faced numerous problems in the past.

In November 2006, state officials found the Alabama Women’s Center for Reproductive Alternatives in Huntsville violated 10 different health codes.

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UPDATE HUNTSVILLE, Alabama – Two more misdemeanor harassment warrants have been issued against pro-life demonstrators in Huntsville.

Katie Norlin obtained a warrant through the city magistrate’s office Tuesday against Joyce Fecteau for allegedly spraying Norlin and several other pro-choice advocates with liquid from a squirt bottle on Dec. 22. Another pro-choice activist, Anathalee Sandlin, swore out a warrant Friday against Charles Patrick Elms Jr. for allegedly “chest bumping” her into a moving vehicle on Oct. 24.

Both incidents happened outside Huntsville’s only licensed abortion clinic, Alabama Women’s Center for Reproductive Alternatives on Madison Street.
Fecteau, 70, was arrested Jan. 9 on a harassment warrant taken out by another member of the pro-choice group for the spraying incident, which was captured on video. Her trial is scheduled for Feb. 21 in municipal court.

Huntsville police have not served the warrant on Elms, who lives out of state.

Fecteau told The Times last week the squirt bottle held holy water blessed by a priest. She said she sprayed it because a pro-choice demonstrator walked past her while burning a “noxious material” that she’d been warned by doctors not to inhale.

2 Responses to “Pro-choicer afraid of Holy Water, charge Catholic grandma with misdemeanor harassment”

  1. Literature and legend has it that only one type of being sizzles when sprayed with holy water

  2. […] also escorts women outside abortion clinics and bragged that she helped get a 71 year-old grandmother […]

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