Doctor could lose license after late-term abortion

H/T Operation Rescue:

sellaShelley Sella, a late term abortionist who is a former associate of the notorious Kansas abortionist George Tiller, has been accused by the New Mexico Medical Board of violating the standard of patient care and gross negligence for conducting an abortion of a 35 week pre-born baby outside a hospital on a woman whose medical history included a previous Caesearian Section delivery. Sella currently works for Southwestern Women’s Options in Albuquerque.

The Board says that Sella ignored the woman’s history, which should have disqualified her for the Induction Abortion method that Sella used. To make matters worse, Sella overused an uterine stimulant to increase the severity of the woman’s contractions until her uterus ruptured.

The case came to light after Tara Shaver of Project Defending Life obtained over a dozen 911 recordings through open records requests that revealed abortion -related emergencies were occurring at Albuquerque abortion clinics at the rate of one every ten weeks. Shaver and Operation Rescue’s Cheryl Sullenger filed complaints with the Medical Board, which resulted in the case against Sella.

One Response to “Doctor could lose license after late-term abortion”

  1. Laugh it up, Shelley, you will soon burn in hell while the babies you murdered will testify against you at the judgment seat. Yeah, laugh while YOU are alive.

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