Abortion clinic doc pleads guilty to infecting women with hepatitis C


An Australian doctor who was charged with endangering the lives of patients after allegedly infecting nearly 50 women with hepatitis C at an abortion clinic, has plead guilty to the charges.

A group of women infected with hepatitis C by an anaesthetist at the Melbourne abortion clinic are the ‘most highly innocent people you could ever come across’, a judge has said.

James Latham Peters, 63, pleaded guilty on Friday to 55 counts of negligently causing serious injury, after infecting women with hepatitis C at a Croydon abortion clinic.

It has been alleged in previous court proceedings that Peters infected patients at the Croydon Day Surgery by using pre-filled syringes of anaesthetic drugs on himself before administering the remainder to the women. Croydon does abortions.

In 2011, a 42-YEAR-OLD woman died days after attending the abortion clinic in Croydon where Peters once worked.

The abortion clinic’s owner, Dr Mark Schulberg, was in 2009 found guilty of unprofessional conduct for failing to gain legal consent to perform a late-term abortion on an intellectually disabled woman.

And earlier this year it was revealed that a 40-year-old woman was left fighting for her life in the Box Hill Hospital after Dr Schulberg performed a late-term abortion surgery on her.

More on plea here : Vic anaesthetist admits infecting women

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