Arrogant abortionist sends another patient to the hospital

According to Operation Rescue:

On November 1, 2012, an ambulance rushed a late-term abortion patient to the hospital for the second time in less than 5 weeks from the Abortion Access Center for Women’s Health, an abortion clinic in Cleveland, Ohio, operated by Martin Ruddock.

Records obtained by Operation Rescue, including a 911 recording and Computer Aided Dispatch Transcript, show that a 30-year old woman suffered lacerations and heavy bleeding after a botched abortion at 22 weeks. The caller indicated she was “bleeding bad” and passing large blood clots larger than a 50 cent piece.

This was not the first botched abortion by this abortion clinic:

September 29, 2012. Abortionist Martin Ruddock calls 911 to send one of his second trimester abortion patients to the hospital. The 911 recording shows him to be rude and arrogant. Ruddock then came out of his clinic wearing what appeared to be a butcher’s apron and threatened the 77 year old man that was documenting the incident.

Here is a 2003, Partial transcript, 911 call from Center for Women’s Health another abortion clinic where Ruddock performs abortions:

“She’s stable, she’s fine. She’s an obese young lady, 30 years old. I did a second trimester abortion. She has a laceration on the cervix, at 3:00 on the cervix. I . . . stitched [it] and she has vaginal packing. She’s stable. I just can’t stop the bleeding. I can’t see what I’m doing and I want her out of here.” – Dr. Martin Ruddock

In 1999 abortionist Martin Ruddock, as the medical director of the Center for Women’s Health in Cleveland, was in a dispute with the state over licensing requirements. He reportedly said the clinic initially had a license, but found the requirements too burdensome and expensive. “This is a private physician’s office. We don’t need to qualify as an ambulatory facility,” Ruddock said. “These are burdensome and unnecessary regulations that have nothing to do with quality health care.

In 2006, The Ohio Department of Health ordered Ruddock’s abortion clinic close due to “over a dozen code violations.” The Center for Women’s Health in Cleveland was informed that its license would not be renewed after inspectors discovered that the clinic was not meeting even the most rudimentary of standards, such as taking a patient’s temperature and blood pressure before risky late-term abortion surgeries.

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