Pro-Lifers Highlight Abortion in Black Community

Pro-life African Americans are hoping to draw attention to what they say is practically genocide of babies within their race.

Although not widely known, statistics show about one in four black babies are aborted.

Now, Christian leaders and others have started a campaign with the message that every baby deserves a chance at life — no matter their circumstance.

“We’re witnessing numbers of about 1,500 black babies a day that are dying,” said Pastor Stephen Broden of the group Life Always.

Broden partly blames the media for refusing to cover this de facto genocide. His organization has put up billboards across the nation to highlight the growing tragedy.
“It is controversial. But sometimes you have to do some things that are controversial just to get heard,” Broden said.

He’s received a lot of criticism for targeting the black community with his message, but Broden says he won’t back down.

Rev. Walter Hoye of the Issues4Life Foundation has faced not just persecution but was tossed in jail for his daily pro-life protests. The city of Oakland actually passed a law to stop Hoye and other demonstrators.

“I’m on a public sidewalk, holding a sign that says ‘God loves you and your baby. Let us help you.’ And they form a law against that,” Hoye recalled. “That’s obviously overcriminalization.”

Claims that abortion is decimating the black community have also reached Washington, D.C.

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Learn about the way abortion affects the black community here and here

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