Obama thanks Racist founded abortion giant Planned Parenthood for “All they have done”

Planed Parenthood President with Obama

Almost half a Million Dollar paid head of Planned Parenthood , Cecile Richards recently tweeted that after she spoke at the DNC Convention, President Obama tweeted her to thank Planed Parenthood for all they have done:

So what has Planned Parenthood done?

For starters: they were founded by a Racist Member of the Eugenics Society who admitted giving Klan Speeches:

Next- Planned Parenthood covers for Child Sexual Predators:

Recently – Planned Parenthood allowed a Black Abortion Patient to bleed on their table after they botched an abortion on her. Her name is Tonya Reaves and she bled at Planned Parenthood for hours until her death later at a Hospital.

Planned Parenthood gets paid well to with Tax Payer funds to speak for Obama ( Go Here)

Perhaps the President would like to thank Planned Parenthood for the 300,000 children they abort annually in all stages of pregnancy and for ANY reason…or he could thank them for this: Planned Parenthood: eugenics, racism, abortion, audits, misappropriation of funds, Medicaid billing practices, hiding sexual predators

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