Shocking photo of women casually posing for picture before she aborts her unborn baby – baby bump clearly visible

The shocking photo was taken at Orlando Women’s Center on June 20, 2012. The girl in the pink dress happily posed at the killing place & said she hoped John would put the picture on Facebook. This young mom was there to get rid of her baby late in pregnancy, by labor & delivery abortion. She casually told John that this was her 5th abortion.

According to Pro-Lifer, Patte Smith who side-walk counsels outside the late-term abortion clinic in Florida, “While this may seem like a shocking expose, the reality is that this is happening in many cities.”

According to Smith, “Faithful missionary John Barros was there to lift up His voice for those who cannot speak. He is there to visit the abortion-imperiled orphans in their affliction almost every day of the week. He was there to witness the holocaust & take this photo.” Smith said, “Friends, what about the killing place in YOUR area? Is there anyone committed to rescue the perishing in the glorious Name of Jesus, the Prince of Life?”

The Orlando Women’s Center is owned by notorious abortionist James Pendergraft.

Pendergraft has been disciplined by the Florida Medical Board for various reasons (Read more here )

The Orlando Women’s Center is a full fledged killing center which offers women a discount if they will book a killing day on Sunday, and they abort children past the 24th week of pregnancy or well into a 6 month old unborn baby.

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