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Pro-aborts attack Black Democrat for standing against the racism of abortion -SHAME

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RH Reality Blag, a radically pro-abortion blog penned an attack piece on an African American in Kansas who is a Democratic running for Kansas State House.

Peggy Elliot believes that abortion is a targeted effort to reduce the black population because she has discovered the racist roots and ideology of Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger. She correctly states that the abortion industry and Planned Parenthood strategically place their clinics in black neighborhoods- see stats here

RH Reality Blag and National Organization for Women Kari Ann Rinker penned the hit piece:
“Black Genocide” Candidate Running as Democrat in Kansas House Race, It begins: “An anti-choice Democrat running for a seat in the Kansas House of Representatives isn’t really “news” in Kansas. It is infuriating, certainly, but also very common. During the 2013 legislative session 41 percent of the Kansas House Democratic Caucus cast anti-choice votes. In Kansas, The War on Women often entails Democrats and Republicans working together to build barricades to women’s health care through extreme and burdensome restrictions.”

War on Women? Hardly- Peggy describes it differently: