SEIU Aborts Planned Parenthood Male CEO after Union vote

According to Willamentte Week, The top official at Planned Parenthood Columbia Willamette is out after 179 health-care workers fought for—and won—a union contract in a battle that brought unwanted publicity for the organization.

The group’s board has chosen not to renew President and CEO David Greenberg’s contract, which expires June 30.

Service Employees International Union Local 49 organized employees last summer, despite Greenberg’s opposition, and then threatened to picket Planned Parenthood’s annual fundraising gala in May. Gov. John Kitzhaber canceled his appearance, and the group had to cancel the $250-per-plate event.

“The board decided with David that this was a good time for a change in leadership at the organization,” says board chairwoman Cara Jacobsen, who says the union contract was one of several reasons the organization was looking for change. Adds Greenberg, “I’m OK with that.”

The group has not yet chosen a new boss.

Below is a video of the ousted CEO speaking at a 2010 Planned Parenthood luncheon:Where he praises Planned Parenthood’s racist founder Margaret Sanger and states that their goals are the same as Sangers’

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