Georgia KKK wants to adopt a stretch of Highway to “clean up the trash” – Yeah Right !

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution: Driving in, the stretch of Route 515 approaching Union County is as pristine and the Blue Ridge Mountains that loom up ahead. It’s also ground zero in a brewing fight with national implications over the limits of the First Amendment.

That, and fodder for jokesters like Jay Leno, who seized gleefully on the news that the International Keystone Knights of the KKK Realm of Georgia want’s to “adopt” this wholly unremarkable piece of North Georgia asphalt. “KKK wants to join Georgia’s Adopt-A-Highway for litter removal. So you’re just replacing litter w/white trash,” Leno quipped via Twitter.

At least two people in Union County claim membership in the Klan. Self-described Grand Cyclops Harley Hanson gave his name on the state application he filed May 21, along with his wife’s. Hanson said he could deliver at least six volunteers for road clean up, but he didn’t list any other names.

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