Black Pro-life group says Black pro-abortion group is funded by Eugenics Population Control Foundation

Congressional Black Caucus Upset By Pro-Life Black Americans

by Ryan Bomberger | Washington, DC | | 5/24/12 1:32 PM

What do you do when you can’t counter the truth? Lie some more. This is the unoriginal strategy presented by the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) and Planned Parenthood-funded SisterSong in an effort to thwart the recent impact of black prolifers.

Despite being funded millions of dollars, abortion groups can’t seem to combat public awareness campaigns (namely our initiative) that expose the disparate impact of abortion in the black community. Jill Stanek released a report on the recent Congressional Caucus briefing infiltrated by a handful of prolife advocates, including friend and colleague Day Gardner, of the National Black Prolife Union.

In a conference call immediately following that briefing, Day expressed her astonishment with how much these pro-abortion activists were in agreement with our numbers. They know our statistics are solid. They know black babies are being killed at exponentially higher rates but don’t care. And they hate our billboards.

So what do they do with the staggering truth that abortion occurs up to 5.8 times more in the black community than in the majority population? How do they spin the false narrative that the black community “lacks access” to abortion and contraception? Redirect and redefine. While the CDC reveals that abortion is the number one killer in the black community (obviously denoting plenty of “access”), taking more lives than all other causes of death combined, the CBC and SisterSong willfully celebrate that horrendous health outcome disparity as “Reproductive Freedom”. While millions of people’s lives are destroyed, both physically and emotionally by abortion, these activists convince themselves that using euphemisms like “Reproductive Justice” mask the brutal reality. We, however, focus on Redemptive Justice that illuminates truth in order to bring healing and true freedom.

The abortion industry celebrates captivity, a false sense of liberty that wallows in self- and community destruction. This industry is extremely well funded, not just by the blood money that annually kills over 1.2 million innocent human lives but also by population control organizations that have seemingly bottomless bank accounts. The Ford Foundation (the same anti-Semitic organization that funneled hundreds of millions of dollars to Sanger and other eugenicists’ efforts) with over $10 billion in assets issues over $460 million in annual grants to rabidly pro-abortion and pro-population growth activist groups. SisterSong is one of those funded groups, led by Loretta Ross; its inception was made possible by initial funding from the far-left foundation.

Bizarrely railing against pro-lifers as racists and today’s eugenicists, Ross’ SisterSong established the “Trust Black Women Partnership”, a nationwide collective of minority “pro-choice” groups. Proud propagandists, they’re willing to ignore the epidemic of abortion, its perpetuation of poverty and the crisis of 72.3% fatherlessness in the black community. You can see the inanity of their rhetoric as evidenced in the Georgia State University protest that failed in its attempt to silence my presentation on abortion last fall. Apparently, one should only trust some black women. Ironically, not a single black women serves on the Ford Foundation’s Board of Directors—they apparently didn’t get SisterSong’s memo.

Loretta Ross, who leads SisterSong, is shown here strangely reinforcing much of what we say. Her funding, however, comes from the world’s largest population control organizations, the Ford Foundation and Planned Parenthood, so she has to obscure the truth as much as possible. Our billboard campaigns have become a national threat to the abortion industry…classic David vs. Goliath story. And we’ll fight on…

Following the debut of The Radiance Foundation’s “Black Children Are An Endangered Species” billboard campaign, SisterSong received a $300,000 grant from the Ford Foundation. Ross, whose duplicity rivals that of Margaret Sanger, frequently acknowledges eugenics and population control (see embedded video) yet fails to place the blame on the obvious perpetrator of these destructive and racist efforts.

Funding can cause all kinds of deliberate blindness. Planned Parenthood, SisterSong, Asian Communities for Reproductive Justice, Black Women for Reproductive Justice, the NAACP, and the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, all heavily funded by the Ford Foundation, have all denounced black prolife movement and The Radiance Foundation in particular. From attempting to crush First Amendment speech (and failing) to demonizing us in the media to printing blatant libel (pg. 11, “Collective Voices”), they will not silence us. They’ve held numerous national conferences, including the recent Congressional Caucus briefing, to re-strategize lies, to revise history, and to present a perverted sense of “justice” and “freedom” while true civil rights champions, who value all life born and unborn, continue to fight regardless of the odds.

Even though we’ve been denounced by pro-abortion zealots and even ignored by some in the mainstream prolife movement, we are having a profound effect. Our history is accurate. Our statistics are irrefutable. Our science is unquestionable. Our passion to save beautiful possibility—relentless.

The abortion industry, namely Planned Parenthood, is relying on casting abortion as a civil right and any opposition to it they demean as a “racist” attack. Well, civil rights are for all, including the unborn. Our Constitution was enacted, according to its preamble, to “secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.” We may not have the backing of a multi-billion dollar organization, but like David who took out Goliath, we have a much stronger Power on our side that can take down any giant, any day, no matter the poll, no matter the political climate. Through faith, perseverance and the embrace of the Truth, Redemptive Justice has a way of triumphing.


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A stunning documentary on Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood’s attitude toward eugenics and race- has been produced and Planned Parenthood and their cronies are seeking to discredit it. The film: Maafa21 is over 2 hours long and contains original documents from the files of Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood, The Eugenics Movement, and many of their supporters. In addition, the film is loaded with African American experts, is hosted by two African Americans, and contains many quotes opposing Planned Parenthood from early African American civil rights activists. Despite this the Planned Parenthood mouthpieces NEVER discredit the information provided in the Maafa21 documentary, rather that attempt to discredit the motive and the skin color of the producers of the film. Without issuing one criticism to Sanger’s avowed racism and Planned Parenthood’s continued support for her actions, these Maafa21 critics are also disguising the fact that they are tightly connected to Planned Parenthood’s agenda and operations and in some cases are even receiving funding from them. Among the newest efforts is a radically pro-abortion group called Sister Song who is airing attacks on GritTV.

Sister Song is staffed by NARAL and former Planned Parenthood employees. Sister Song’s National Policy Coordinator, Heidi Williamson, is the former President of NARAL GA Education , While Corean Elam, Sister Song’s Executive Assistant and Office Manager is the former Administrative Assistant for Planned Parenthood of Champaign County. So, of course if you worked with the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) and Planned Parenthood- you will try and disclaim the racist and eugenics agenda of abortion, correct?

( See Image of Loretta Ross with NARAL here Here )

Loretta Ross was also a speaker with the pro-abortion National Organization for Women ( NOW) see here

To top it off, once again Planned Parenthood is rewarding their advocates. Click Here and see that the Executive Director of Sister Song, Loretta Ross, will be the keynote speaker for the 2011 Planned Parenthood Annual Luncheon.

Planned Parenthood and Sister Song’s Loretta Ross seem to do alot together: Here and here

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