Tides Foundation hosts leader of abortion giant Planned Parenthood to speak

Planned Parenthood president speaks to Stanford on mobilizing for reproductive health in the 21st century

Planned Parenthood head- Cecile Richards spoke to Stanford this week. According to the Stanford News:

Richards’ address was part of a panel on the reproductive rights movement in the 21st century, jointly hosted by the Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society and Tides, a philanthropic nonprofit. Speaking along with Tides President Melissa Bradley and Ruth Levine, director of the Hewlett Foundation’s Global Development and Population Program, Richards exhorted the audience to “invest in the next generation” by using new technologies to reach youth.
“Reproductive health and the Internet have a unique relationship,” Richards said, “because so many of our users are so young.”

Richards is now engaged in a campaign to reach Planned Parenthood’s users in every possible medium. Its mobile website receives upward of 30 percent of the organization’s total website traffic.

“But young people don’t even want to go on a website,” Richards said. “They just want to be told what they want to know.”

In response, Planned Parenthood has launched online chat and text services to provide real-time responses to reproductive health (code for abortion) questions.

Social media
According to Richards, the most significant area of expansion has been social media. The organization’s “I stand with Planned Parenthood” Facebook campaign in response to the House defunding bill was instrumental in marshaling the Senate against the legislation. An explosion of pro-Planned Parenthood tweets in the aftermath of the Komen foundation’s announcement was a major factor in the foundation’s about-face less than a week later.

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  1. kate niccolls Says:

    This is erroneous. Stanford was the host.

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