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911 call- Mother stabbed infant in the head, in front of social workers

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A Baltimore woman is charged with attempted first-degree murder after stabbing her 8-month-old girl fives times in the head, neck, and chest.
Kenisha Thomas is charged with attempted first-degree murder for her gruesome crime against her infant child. According to police reports acquired by The Baltimore Sun, the incident occurred during a supervised visit at a welfare office between Kenisha, 29, and her daughter, who was removed from her care for unknown reasons. Kenisha was speaking with her social worker Dana Hays during the meeting and when the visit was over, Kenisha exposed her knife and stabbed her baby.

As the baby was stabbed, Dana ran out screaming for help. William Purnell Short III, a social services veteran, responded to the cry and barged into room 117, the scene of the crime. He saw Kenisha using her left hand to hold the baby on a table and her right hand to press a kitchen knife into the baby’s throat.

The social worker, who made the report to the police, threw a chair at Kenisha and forced her to let go of the baby. She then fell to the floor with the knife lodged in her neck. William held the woman until police arrived.

Remarkably, the infant survived the attack and is being looked after at the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center.

Kenisha is being held without bail on charges of attempted first-degree murder, assault and child abuse.

Mother stabs child at social services office
security questioned
Police take mother into custody
infant expected to survive

The scene outside a Social Services office in East Baltimore… (Photo by Peter Hermann )
April 24, 2012|By Peter Hermann, The Baltimore Sun
Authorities are investigating Tuesday’s security breach at a Baltimore social services office, which police said allowed a woman hiding a large kitchen knife in a bag to enter the building and stab her 8-month-old daughter.

The infant was wounded in the neck and head, and police said a social worker was in the room when the stabbing took place. The baby was in good condition at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center, and as of Tuesday evening, no charges had been filed against the mother, who was in police custody.

But the incident raised questions about safety in a building where tense, emotional meetings between parents and their estranged children are routine.

“No, our folks do not feel safe,” said Patrick Moran, Maryland director of the union that represents social workers throughout the state, including those at the East Biddle Street building where the attack occurred.

“People who come into these offices are going through a difficult time in their lives,” Moran said. “Sometimes they act out and act irrationally. This time, it’s a baby who was the victim. That’s unacceptable.”

Officials representing the city Department of Social Services said an extensive review is being conducted to determine if security guards followed procedures, and if those procedures are sufficient.

“We are absolutely looking into all these questions and working very closely with police,” said Ian Patrick Hines, a spokesman with the Maryland Department of Human Resources. “We are reviewing our security procedures at all of our sites to [determine] how this came to happen and make sure it doesn’t happen again. This is a very unfortunate situation.”

The building is in a nondescript, block-long office complex in the 3000 block of East Biddle St., just west of Edison Highway. It is surrounded by a chain-link fence topped with barbed wire, and visitors are required to show identification, submit bags for inspection or search, and walk through a metal detector. Police said the woman, described as in her late 20s or early 30s, did not have identification with her.

Hines described the sort of violence that occurred Tuesday as “extraordinarily uncommon.”

Moran, of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, said complaints about lax security have been made in meetings with agency managers — to no avail. Moran said he’s been trying to increase security patrols on floors where meetings such as the one on Tuesday took place.

The union head said he would prefer to have Department of General Services police instead of a private security force. “Those are the people you need to do the job,” Moran said. “Events such as this are going to become more commonplace if security needs are not met.”

Baltimore police detective Donny Moses, a department spokesman, said the stabbing occurred shortly after 10 a.m. He said the mother was in a room with her daughter and a social worker when she “became irate.”

Moses said the woman took a large kitchen knife out of a bag and stabbed the girl several times, including in the head and over her left eye. He said the social worker was not injured.

“We have a long way to go with this,” the detective said of the investigation. Police did not detail how the woman was subdued.

Police said it was too early to determine why the mother — who cut herself on her hands during the attack and was treated by paramedics at the scene — became angry. Neither Hines nor police would describe how she was involved with social services or whether she had a history of violence. Her name was not made public because criminal charges had not yet been filed.

Joan Little, who runs the child advocacy unit for the Maryland Legal Aid Bureau, said the social services office has to fulfill dual roles — to ensure safety and to provide a comfortable environment for parents and their children. She described the rooms as having toys and games, but also as “institutional gray.”

The get-togethers can often be uncomfortable, occurring under the watchful eyes of counselors who work for the agency that in many cases separated the children from parents.

“These are difficult situations,” said Little, an attorney whose staff represents children in welfare and neglect cases. “We want to promote family visits. It is so tough when a security situation like this happens.

“Normally, everyone would be supporting more contact between children and parents, and not restrained contact.” The idea, she added, is for the “mother-baby visit to be personal enough that it can support the bonding that is supposed to be happening.”

Little, whose attorneys visit the East Biddle Street building at least once a week, said it would be counterproductive for a security guard to attend each meeting. But she would support it when violence is a part of a parent’s history.

Little said she feels safe in the building. She said there is a metal detector at the entrance, and she has seen guards going through purses and checking IDs, though not every time.

“It’s not like airport security … ” she said. “I don’t feel that it’s a dangerous environment. But certainly we’re dealing with parents who have significant mental health problems, and significant drug problems. On any given day, anything can happen.”

Tax funded abortion giant Planned Parenthood admits they do sex selection late term abortions

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Listen to the Planned Parenthood New York employee admit they abort babies that are 6 months old or 24 weeks’

Here they admit killing babies 23 weeks

Operation Rescue exposes another Ohio botched abortion

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Newly Disclosed Records Reveal Dangerous Pattern at Ohio Abortion Clinic
• Written by Operation Rescue
• Posted May 30, 2012 at 9:12 am

Columbus, OH – Medical transcripts leaked to Operation Rescue by a confidential informant through a third party reveal a pattern of botched abortions and other violations at Complete Health Care for Women (CHCW) in Columbus, Ohio, that paint a grisly portrait of an unsafe abortion business that routinely injures women and violates the law. CHCW is operated by abortionist Mervyn J. Samuel.

The medical transcripts were smuggled out of a Columbus hospital and redacted by the informant before they were given to Operation Rescue.

Records show that on March 16, 2012, a 23-year old woman reported to a hospital emergency room with heavy bleeding and fever after an abortion by “Dr. Samuel” with a possible incomplete abortion. The patient has suffered significant bleeding and drove herself to the ER while suffering lightheadedness and dizziness.

But that is not the first incident of this kind at CHCW. In July, 2010, a pro-life sidewalk counselor observed a young woman leaving the abortion clinic after an abortion. The young woman swooned, dropped to her knees, and began to vomit. She was bleeding heavily through her clothing.

The sidewalk counselor ran to assist the 19-year old abortion patient and drove her to the local hospital where she was treated.

Medical transcripts indicated that the patient was 13 weeks pregnant at the time of her abortion. She had been “nauseated and lightheaded” while at the abortion clinic, but was discharged while still suffering these symptoms after having been at the clinic for a total of only two hours.

At the emergency room, she was treated for heavy bleeding, and given medication for her dizziness and nausea. She was discharged after having spent six hours at the hospital.
In a third incident, another 19-year old abortion patient was recently admitted to a Columbus hospital after suffering excessive bleeding and pelvic pain after her abortion at CHCW in her tenth week of pregnancy. According to transcripts, she suffered from a hematoma, (internal bleeding inside the tissues), and excessive clotting. Efforts by hospital staff to contact the clinic were unsuccessful.

Operation Rescue also has documentation of a dozen OSHA violations at Complete Health Care for Women – four of which were classified as “serious” – that netted the abortion business fines totaling $5,061. The most serious infractions had to deal with “blood-borne pathogens”, meaning the clinic failed to protect workers and patients from contamination caused by exposure to blood.

“Here is an abortion clinic that is endangering the lives and health of women every day. Women do not know when they walk into that office if they are going to wind up in the hospital or worse,” said Cheryl Sullenger, Senior Policy Advisor for Operation Rescue and Pro-Life Nation.

“Rest assured that the appropriate complaints are being filed against Mervyn Samuel so that he can be legally prevented from inflicting his brand of abortion quackery on others.”

Visit Complete Health Care for Women’s profile page at
• Visit Mervyn J. Samuel’s profile page at

Obama admits they use drones to kill terrorists, now survelliance drones will fly in the US

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White House Officials open up about drones

From Fox:

The White House responded Tuesday to criticism of the Obama administration’s use of drone attacks and a so-called “kill list,” saying President Obama will do what is necessary to protect Americans from harm.

“President Obama made clear from the start to his advisers and to the world that we were going to take whatever steps are necessary to protect the American people from harm, and particularly from a terrorist attack,” White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said.

Details about the attacks in such places as Yemen and Pakistan and the Al Qaeda members on the list were made public in a lengthy New York Times story that included interviews with more than 30 White House advisers and former advisers.

The story has resulted a range of concerns and questions – including about the legality of such attacks in countries where the United States is technically not at war and the moral implications of Obama deciding whether to OK a drone strike that could potentially kill civilians, as well as whether the Times interviews resulted in potential security leaks.

Read more:

A Few Years ago- Obama jokes about predator drones:

You think he is joking???????????????

Planned Parenthood Staffer and Democrat Candidate Hits Girl With Car, Cited for DUI

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Carmen Toft Linkedin

According to her LinkedIn Page, Carmen Toft works for Planned Parenthood Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota

Carmen Toft works for Planned Parenthood of South Dakota and has been active for pro-choice causes through several abortion-related campaigns in recent years. Carmen Toft is one of two Democrats running in District 10 against Jenna Haggar, a Dist. 15 state representative until redistricting last year, and Don Haggar.”Carmen had decided to withdraw as a candidate previous to this incident,” South Dakota Democratic Party Chairman Ben Nesselhuff said in a statement to KSFY. “We look forward to putting this behind us and to having a vigorous debate on the issues for the next several months.”

Planned Parenthood Staffer Hits Girl With Car, Cited for DUI
by Steven Ertelt | Sioux Falls, SD | | 5/29/12 4:03 PM
• A Planned Parenthood abortion business staffer in Sioux Falls, South Dakota was charged with careless driving and Driving Under the Influence of alcohol in connection with a recent traffic incident.

As the Argus Leader newspaper reports, Carmen Toft, 32, a Planned Parenthood official and Democratic candidate for the state legislature, ran into a 7-year-old girl with her vehicle on may 22. Sioux Falls Police spokesman Sam Clemens confirmed the incident and said Toft was charged with careless driving.

As the paper reports:
Toft was driving south on Chicago and stopped at the intersection’s stop sign just after 8 p.m., Clemens said. Toft reportedly told police the child, who was going east through the crosswalk on Eighth Street, “came out of nowhere” on a bicycle as she began driving again.

The child was knocked to the ground and taken to the hospital for possible internal injuries, Clemens said. Toft was cited for careless driving and DUI, he said, but it was treated as a standard traffic offense and no SFPD case report was created.

Toft refused to take a breath test for alcohol on the scene, Clemens said. Anyone cited for DUI in the South Dakota is required to take a blood test, however.
The abortion business staffer, who has been instrumental in working against South Dakota’s twp attempts to ban abortions, refused comment when the Argus Leader asked for an interview. Toft is the South Dakota Public Affairs Manager at Planned Parenthood Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota.

Ironically, on her Twitter feed, Toft yesterday encouraged a friend to “drive safely” when told her friend was headed out on the interstate on a spare tire.

NOTE- TOFT was also quoted in this pro-choice Newsletters

Man arrested for possession of roasted aborted fetuses for black magic

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Cops open suitcase, world of black magic
Police tipped off by ghostly sounds of babies crying from suspect’s hotel room
• Published: 28/05/2012 at 09:32 AM

There appeared to be nothing out of the ordinary when police questioned Briton Choe Hok Kuen, 28, in Bangkok in his hotel room after guests on the same floor had complained about babies crying in his room.

But after they opened his luggage they knew this was no ordinary case. Inside they found six foetuses wrapped in gold leaf and tied with religious threads.
According to police investigators, Mr Choe, a British passport holder of Taiwanese descent, had flown into Thailand to pick up the foetuses.

The discovery opened the doors to a world of black magic that police officers found hard to fathom.

“I believe it’s the world’s first body snatcher bust involving the commercial trade in foetuses,” said Pol Col Wiwat Kamchamnan, inspector with the Children and Women Protection Sub-division of the Royal Thai Police.

Some believe the foetuses can boost their fortunes in business and commerce. Demand for foetuses in China has soared in recent years, according to the sub-division.
Before the suspect was arrested on May 18, guests at a hotel in the Yaowarat area alerted Plabpachai police claiming they had heard ghostly sounds of babies crying from Room 301.
Police went into the room and found no babies and the hotel guest was out.

Pol Col Wiwat said his team from the sub-division visited the room some hours later and met Mr Choe. A thorough search of the room turned up no babies. The investigators seached his shoulder bag and found a hotel room key from a nearby hotel.

Police went to the room and discovered foetueses which had been ‘immortalised’ into kumarn thong (baby charms) stuffed inside a suitcase.

“The corpses were confiscated and forensic examinations confirmed they were human bodies,” he said. They arrested Mr Choe.

Investigators with the sub-division said the foetuses had been obtained from abortion clinics, put over fire to dehydrate them, embalmed and scribbled with what appear to be ancient Khmer script.

They were also covered in gold leaf.

The inscribed corpses were then acquired by a middleman who sold them to Mr Choe.

Pol Col Wiwat said Mr Choe is the self-professed leading master of witchcraft in East Asia, with his own website that advertises his services of black magic and divination.
Mr Choe also wears amulets of Mae Nak Phra Khanong and Khun Paen around his neck.

Mae Nak Phra Khanong is a legendary ghost from folklore in which the central character died in labour.

Khun Phaen is a romancer in a popular Thai literary work, Khun Chang Khun Phaen. The amulets are believed to provide their wearers with supernatural prowess to succeed in business and love.

Mr Choe allegedly practices black magic and uses the foetuses in performing his rituals.

He also sells some of the foetuses, police said.

Police said Mr Choe has travelled to Thailand 16 times since 2007 and he may have bought many more kumarn thong on earlier trips.

Police said Mr Choe admitted he planned to sell the kumarn thong to Chinese businessmen. He sold one for 30 million baht once. Perfectly shaped and well-preserved foetuses would fetch the highest prices, said Pol Col Wiwat.

Mr Choe was charged with concealing human corpses, punishable by up to a year in jail and a 2,000 baht fine.

Pol Col Wiwat expanded the investigation and nabbed another Taiwanese man, Kun Ye Chen, 32, who had allegedly supplied the kumarn thong to Mr Choe.

Police say Mr Choe told them he had bought the kumarn thong from Kun for 200,000 baht. He knew Mr Kun from a go-between who lives overseas. Police have not charged Mr Kun as they consider him a mere courier in the racket.

Pol Col Wiwat said the corpses were probably obtained from abortion clinics. Police and the Public Health Ministry are trying to identify the clinics thought to have provided the foetuses.

Planned Parenthood busted in new undercover sting on sex selective abortions

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( Jill Stanek) BREAKING: Planned Parenthood busted in new undercover sting on sex selective abortions

Pro-life group Live Action has just gone public with the first video from its latest undercover investigation: sex-selective abortions.
This first sting was conducted at a Planned Parenthood in Texas.

According to the Press Release issued by Live Action:

AUSTIN, May 29 – Today, Live Action released a new undercover video showing a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Austin, TX encouraging a woman to obtain a late-term abortion because she was purportedly carrying a girl and wanted to have a boy. The video is first in a new series titled “Gendercide: Sex-Selection in America,” exposing the practice of sex-selective abortion in the United States and how Planned Parenthood and the rest of the abortion industry facilitate the selective elimination of baby girls in the womb.

“I see that you’re saying that you want to terminate if it’s a girl, so are you just wanting to continue the pregnancy in the meantime?” a counselor named “Rebecca” offers the woman, who is purportedly still in her first trimester and cannot be certain about the gender. “The abortion covers you up until 23 weeks,” explains Rebecca, “and usually at 5 months is usually (sic) when they detect, you know, whether or not it’s a boy or a girl.” Doctors agree that the later in term a doctor performs an abortion, the greater the risk of complications.

The Planned Parenthood staffer suggests that the woman get on Medicaid in order to pay for an ultrasound to determine the gender of her baby, even though she plans to use the knowledge for an elective abortion. She also tells the woman to “just continue and try again” for the desired gender after aborting a girl, and adds, “Good luck, and I hope that you do get your boy.”

“The search-and-destroy targeting of baby girls through prenatal testing and abortion is a pandemic that is spreading across the globe,” notes Lila Rose, founder and president of Live Action. “Research proves that sex-selective abortion has now come to America. The abortion industry, led by Planned Parenthood, is a willing participant.”

Six studies in the past four years indicate that there are thousands of “missing girls” in the U.S., many from sex-selective abortion. The U.K., India, Australia, and other countries ban sex-selective abortion, but the U.S., save for three states, does not. On Wednesday, Congress will debate the Prenatal Non-Discrimination Act (PRENDA), which would ban sex-selective abortions nationally.

“Planned Parenthood and their ruthless abortion-first mentality is the real ‘war on women’,” says Rose. “Sex-selective abortion is gender discrimination with lethal consequences for little girls.”

The complete, unedited video and transcript can be viewed at, a hub of research and information on sex-selective abortions.