The money, greed and politics of the abortion industry

By James Garton
H/T , Philadelphia Finance Examiner
January 23, 2012

January in Washington, D.C., hundreds of thousands Marched around the Capital and Supreme Court building to protest abortion. If any media outlets decide to cover the event, most articles will discuss the political and religious debates surrounding abortion and few, if any, will discuss the money, profit and political lobbying involved with the abortion industry.

Planned Parenthood, with its 820 clinics is the largest provider of abortion in the world. To put it in a business perspective, Planned Parenthood operates 228 more clinics then Costco has warehouse stores and since it takes in over a $1 billion a year, Planned Parenthood is on a revenue level thats about equal to Domino’s Pizza.

The organization has contributed $262,986 to the campaigns of Democrats in the House and Senate compared to $2,000 toward the campaigns of Republicans in both houses in 2010.The Center for Responsive Politics reports, “In 2010, Planned Parenthood and a California affiliate together spent more than $700,000 on federal lobbying efforts,..” “By comparison, all other organizations that primarily advocate for abortion rights collectively spent $247,280 on federal lobbying efforts during the same period, according to the Center’s research.” In 2011, spending on lobbying effort to promote the abortion industry increased to $1,230,041.

All this money is not wasted, but comes back to Planned Parenthood fivefold. A 2009-2010 report from Planned Parenthood shows the organization received 46% of its $1 billion dollar a year budget from government grants and reimbursement for services. This government subsidy is in addition to the tax free status the abortion provider enjoys despite showing $18.5 million in excess revenue in the same2009-2010 financial report. Imagine that this one organization receives $487,000,000 in government subsidies compared to$370,000,000 annually received by the entire solar and wind industry, which according to President Obama is a technology that will lead the world and is his personal initiative that he compares to the space program.

Without government money, this profit making, “non-profit” would go out of business, which is what occurred when Governor Christie held back government funds from Planned Parenthood clinics in New Jersey. Planned Parenthood like Amtrak just can’t exist if it had to rely on making a profit from the services it promotes. However, money pours in from congress to both Amtrak and Planned Parenthood, because both convince lawmakers that if they failed to exist the poor and needy would suffer. In the case of Planned Parenthood most lawmakers overlook the fact that they already fund 7000 medical clinics that provide the same services to needy women as Planned Parenthood, excluding the main profit maker of the organization which is abortion services.

President Obama, the biggest advocate of Planned Parenthood and many Democrats on Capital Hill have been critical of corporate executives who earn salaries of $250,000 or more. Yet, a 990 form filed by Planned Parenthood in 2008, reported their President Cecile Richards, received over $384,761 in compensation which is about a 53% pay increase from a previously filed 990 form. Again, another area overlooked that shows a clear double standard from Democrats who are the biggest benifactor of Planned Parenthood money. However, it get’s even better.

MF Global CEO, John Corzine, was brought before a Congressional hearing when it was discovered his company lost $1.2 billion of its customer money and yet no outcry or formal investigation has taken place since the Government Accounting Office discovered Planned Parenthood cannot account for $1.3 billion in government funds it received from 2003 to 2008. Now, under health care reform and a greater role of Government controlling health care delivery and funding, the role, funding and revenue of Planned Parenthood is expected to increase dramatically.

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