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MANAGER of ABORTION CLINIC awaits trial AFTER …, posted with vodpod

Man Awaiting Trial After Attacking Pro-Life Activist
KANSAS CITY, Kan. — A pro-life activist says she was body slammed by the manager of a Kansas City, Kansas abortion clinic.assaul The activist says she was walking to her car after a four hour protest when she was assaulted.

Now the case will go to trial. The witness thought he was watching a purse snatching so he called 911. Turns out, the scuffle was over a camera and now has the manager of the Aid for Women at 7th & Central faces misdemeanor battery.

“I started hearing some screaming,” said witness Kyle Nelson. “It sounded like this woman was being robbed.”

Nelson called 911 as he ran toward a man and woman struggling.

“He grabbed her arms in a way, and they had the camera you know in their hands,” he said. “He flipped her like you would in a wrestling move to get someone onto the ground.”
Mary Anne Sause is a pro-life activist. She was putting away her signs when she says Mark Pederson, the clinic’s manager came up to her car and took pictures.

“I’m thinking as a former rape victim that he’s going to find out where I live,” Sause said. “He literally picked me up and body slammed me into the ground.”

Another witness ran outside when she heard the attack.

“I heard Mary Anne scream and his arms were on her,” said Robin Marriott with the Pregnancy Resource Center.

She came outside of the business and says she told Pederson to let Sause go.

“I just told him, it doesn’t need to come to this kind of behavior,” Marriott said. “I knew he’d been trying to take a picture of her license plate, well that’s what he said he was trying to take a picture of her license plate for FBI reasons.”

The victim says she was the charges were more harsh.

“Honestly, I think it should be a felony aggravated charge because he did have the weapon him,” Sause said.

Mark Pederson wouldn’t talk on camera and off-camera he still didn’t really want to give his side of the events other than to say he does have a permit to carry a gun. He says that day he left the gun at work before crossing the street to take pictures of Sause.

Pederson’s trial is December 28 in Kansas City, Kan. municipal court. If convicted he could face a year in jail although the prosecutor tells FOX 4 anger management is more likely.

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