Occupy DC ‘We Have People Organizing Inside of the Military’

H/T – The Blaze:

Over the weekend, Adam Kokesh (”Adam vs. the Man”) headed down to Occupy D.C.’s “Anti-Capitalist Teach-In,” where he captured some curious comments from participants. Among the bizarre statements to come from protesters was the notion that Occupiers may be organizing within the military in an effort to see a “revolution” unfold.

“Rod,” a self-described member of the Progressive Labor Party, said that he and his compatriots have been encouraging others to “think in terms of building revolution against this whole system of capitalism.” He went on to say that the fight must be taken to industrial workers, the military, campuses — even churches.

“The other thing we stress is building a base in the military. If we’re talking about revolution, it means we have to win other some section of the military to be on our side and most of them are working class people just like the rest of us…We have people organizing inside the military…,” Rod explained (around 1:50). He continued:

“Our goal is to have everybody in the party, everything organized collectively, everything coordinated, everyone engaged in the discussion and the debate. Our feeling is that some of the worst behavior is the idea of making profit off of another person.”

He also went on to praise soldier who refused orders during Vietnam.

During the course of Kokesh’s discussion with the protesters, it seems there was some confusion over what “capitalist production” means. It didn’t take long for the protesters to tire of his questioning.

At one point, one of the participants asked Kokesh if he’s a “prostitute,” due to his support of capitalist ideals.

Truly bizarre. Watch it, below:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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