Charlotte woman who started Planned Parenthood after being approached by Eugenicist Wallace Kuralt, now awarded

According to 10/10/2011 Charlotte Observer: Tuesday, at an invitation-only luncheon, Planned Parenthood Health Systems Inc. will celebrate 40 years of family planning in the Charlotte region. The nonprofit will recognize a woman by the name of Sarah Bryant. In Fact, Planned Parenthood loves what this woman did so much- they named an award after her…but a closer look at just WHO PUSHED BRYANT into starting Planned Parenthood may leave you wondering why Planned Parenthood keeps awarding these people. FYI – Gov. Bev Perdue is also scheduled to speak at the event.

Sarah Bryant - Center now in her 80's

Bryant, now in her 80s, grew up in Charlotte, and in the 1960s was a board member of Florence Crittenden Services.

But….In the late 1960s, Charlotte welfare director and known Eugenicist

    Wallace Kuralt

and banker Art Jones approached her to start a Planned Parenthood health center. “We were like a Third World country in that area at the time,” she said.

So Bryant, wife of the late funeral director Bob Bryant, asked many of Charlotte’s most powerful bankers, lawyers, ministers, doctors, teachers and community servants to join her on a Planned Parenthood board. In 1971, two years before abortions were legalized, the agency opened its first health Planned Parenthood center on Morehead Street. Bryant got businesses and government to provide financial support.


Wallace Kuralt father to Charles Kuralt , who anchored CBS Sunday Morning , was a MONSTER – he was rooted in eugenics and not surprisingly and in 1983 Planned Parenthood if Greater Charlotte gave him the Margaret Sanger Award – according to a Charlotte Observer Obituary from 1994.

NIFTY HUH? Seems many of the eugenics engineers are being outed by the media and their cozy relationship with Planned Parenthood swept under the rug !!!!!!

Entitled: Wallace Kuralt’s era of sterilization, the Charlotte Observer detailed the acts of monstrosity by this Planned Parenthood Award Winner and true to form- they failed to mention the award !

Wallace Kuralt built as Mecklenburg County’s welfare director from 1945 to 1972.

But as architect of Mecklenburg’s program of eugenic sterilization – state-ordered surgery to stop the poor and disabled from bearing children – Kuralt helped write one of the most shameful chapters of North Carolina history.

According to PJmedia: The Charlotte Observer has obtained records sealed by the state that tell the stories of 403 Mecklenburg residents ordered sterilized by the N.C. Eugenics Board at the behest of Kuralt’s welfare department.

It’s a number that dwarfs the total from any other county, in a state that ran one of the nation’s most active efforts to sterilize the mentally ill, mentally retarded and epileptic.

Race played a major role. Of course. Kuralt was a strong Progressive eugenicist.

In 1960, just under 25 percent of Mecklenburg residents were African-American.

But blacks made up more than 80 percent of the people ordered sterilized at the request of the Welfare Department between 1955 and 1966. In 1957, the peak year for Mecklenburg, the state approved sterilizations of 52 blacks and five whites.

Dozens of black women were sent to surgeons at Good Samaritan Hospital, Charlotte’s segregated black facility.

Thereasea Elder, a retired public health nurse who is African-American, recalls a stream of hysterectomies and tubal ligations when she worked there in surgery.

“I never knew the reason why they did so many hysterectomies,” said Elder, 84. “We thought they were diseased. We were never told the reason for the sterilizations.”

The Eugenics Board records reflect the racial attitudes of the times. A 17-year-old white boy with an IQ of 47 was ordered sterilized in 1963. The report notes that he lived in a low-income, racially mixed neighborhood, and “his interest in Negro girls” is one reason cited to stop him from having children.

Eugenics eventually fell out of favor with the public, but not with the senior Kuralt, who died in 1994.

Writer Mary Snead Boger interviewed him for her 1972 book “Charlotte 23,” a collection of profiles of the city’s most important residents. He told her planned parenthood for the poor was his most significant accomplishment.

“I suppose,” he said, “no comparable population in the world has ever received more eugenic sterilizations.”

Frankly, I’m shocked that the Observer worked the phrase “planned parenthood” into this piece, but they failed to show the full connection- like the 1983 Margaret Sanger Award which was bestowed on him.In writings and interviews, Wallace Kuralt described sterilization and birth control as the key to saving tax money and rooting out poverty…have we not heard this reasoning before? Like Recently with ObamaCare?

Another interesting connection is that the Doctor who worked with him: Dr. Elizabeth Corkey joined in a lawsuit to overturn North Carolina’s abortion ban in 1970, and chaired a Planned Parenthood clinic….very interesting, HUH? According to the Charlotte Observer, Many of the women sterilized in the late 1950s were seen by the Health Department’s Dr. Elizabeth Corkey, an obstetrician. Dr. Corkey died Thursday, Aug. 24, 1995, but according to the obituary in the Charlotte Observer, She helped start the Charlotte chapter of Planned Parenthood, also documented in the Planned Parenthood website – here. And in this 1964 article she is a speaker at a Planned Parenthood conference.

This news comes on the heals of MANY North Carolina Eugenics Victims coming forward to tell their horrors- the ones responsible for funding that group was also associated with Planned Parenthood and the details are here under the victim name: Elaine Riddick: (click here)

A great documentary about this Eugenics relationship of Planned Parenthood is the film: Maafa21 – see a clip here – watch it in full it is a stunning film !

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