Black pro-lifers met with backlash on college campus by mostly white group who now threaten lawsuit to silence black voices

From Ryan Bomberger: “Georgia State University abortion activists, who tried (and failed) to shut down a public forum on abortion, made a public spectacle of themselves, are now threatening to SUE US to have the video of their bizarre behavior removed from the web. Their assault on free speech continues. We received the Cease & Desist order yesterday after this segment aired on ABC Family’s CBN Newswatch.”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Black pro-lifers met with backlash on college c…, posted with vodpod

An attorney for the mostly WHITE protesters who interrupted Ryan’s scheduled event has ordered Ryan Bomberger of to “cease and desist” – take that video down.

Ryan’s responded:

The footage was recorded by both and me. The activists also intended on recording the entire scene as one of their members recorded this on her cell phone the entire time.

We do not intend on removing this video – a public university, a public forum….

Learn the facts about the RACISM of the abortion industry here:

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