Slavery law stated, “An organization or entity or individual can determine your worth before you are even born” sounds like today’s abortion law

In 1662, the Colony of Virginia introduced the following Law:

… that all children borne in this country shall be held bond or free only according to the condition of the mother…

In other words, if your mother was a slave, then you would be born a slave. If your mother was free, then you would be born free.

This is the law that recognized the Institution of Slavery in Virginia. From this time forward, the government began to regulate and pass laws to control this institution.

A closer inspection of the law gleams the following conclusion. It says that another entity, organization or individual can determine another persons worth before they are even born. In other words, another entity, organization or individual can condemn an unborn child to perpetual bondage…Slavery, before they are even born.

Of course today we find this practice to be abhorrent in the highest order. Yet we allow a peculiar twist of this law within our current “progressive” society.

Today, we DO allow organizations, entities and individuals to determine the worth of the unborn…in the form of Abortion. It has become such a common practice that society ignores the obvious.

In Colonial days, an unborn child was condemned to lifelong bondage or slavery. But that child was at least given Life with the possibility of Freedom and the possibility of the Pursuit of Happiness…regardless of how slim.

Today, Abortion…an idea derived from or at least akin to the premise to promote, regulate and define slavery (Tyranny), condemns our unborn children to Death.

No life, No liberty, No pursuit of happiness.

Today, condemning a child to slavery is illegal; yet condemning that same child to Death through abortion is acceptable.

Frantz Kebreau

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