Planned Parenthood Medical Director leads suspicious study which could increase tax dollars to the organization !

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Washington University School of Medicine’s Dr. Jeff Peipert, headed a governmental advisory group which recommended health insurance plans cover contraception at no cost. (Article here)

Called the Contraceptive Choice Project, the study headed by Dr. Jeff Peipert, seeks to determine whether removing financial barriers to contraceptives will decrease the frequency of unintended pregnancy.

Peipert who is was a Planned Parenthood Medical Director at the time, claims he had no idea that free contraceptives would become part of the health-reform debate when he began his study in 2007. He said the government should adopt the institute’s recommendation since teen pregnancies and unintended pregnancies are serious public-health problems. He points to reports showing that nearly 50 percent of all U.S. pregnancies are unplanned, one of the world’s highest rates, and that between 74 percent and 95 percent of teen pregnancies are unintended.

Also of note is the fact that the Washington University study is financed by a foundation that wants to remain anonymous. The foundation called the university about the project in 2006 and planning began the next year. “It does seem like they had a crystal ball and could see this (institute’s report) coming in the future.”

The thinking of the foundation, he said, was wouldn’t it be great if we had birth control free of charge and we had universal access regardless of the women’s means to pay? Anyone could get what they wanted — and what would happen?

Well..isn’t that interesting..I am calling on truth on this study to get to the bottom of who funded it, because it leans toward financing Planned Parenthood with millions of more tax dollars to hand out “free contraceptives”. Planned Parenthood calls abortion pills which prevent implantation “contraceptives” …so in essence they are promoting FREE ABORTIONS paid for by the taxpayer.

I find the entire study suspect as his resume shows he is the Medical Director Planned Parenthood, St. Louis Region, and is also with the Association for Reproductive Health Professionals.

In 2009, Peipert was exposed for heading a training for abortionists called the Family Planning Fellowship Program ( read here ) and collaborated with the Washington University joined forces with Barnes-Jewish Hospital and Planned Parenthood of St. Louis.The Family Planning Fellowship Program states that most of the fellows’ abortion experience will be at Planned Parenthood. HMMMMM……In the area of research, fellows are told that they will work with leading clinicians and researchers “to develop new approaches to…pregnancy termination in the United States and abroad.” In the area of public policy, fellows are advised that they can “learn about and participate in advocacy efforts of pro-choice and professional organizations.” (STL Today) According to Washington University, Family Planning fellows working at Planned Parenthood “counsel patients on family planning and provide medical care, provide physical examinations, birth control options, write prescriptions and terminate pregnancies under the supervision of a physician on staff at Planned Parenthood.”

Perhaps this “STUDY” was funded by this pro-abortion “Fellowship” Just Say’n?

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