NAF Abortion Clinic 911 call ” Patient is Crashing and unresponsive” as patient moans in pain, and they say abortion is safe !

Operation Rescue has released a newly obtained recording of a 911 call placed from the UNM Center for Reproductive Health (UNMCRH) that contains dramatic audio of a 35-year old woman “crashing” after being given “conscious sedation” during an abortion that took place on February 15, 2011.

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Abortion Clinic 911 call- ” Patient is Crashin…, posted with vodpod

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According to a press release from the pro-life group: Project Defending Life

On February 15th an ambulance was called to the UNM Center for Reproductive Health because one of their patients was unconscious and not responding after being sedated. The woman was reportedly turning a grayish color and not breathing normally. An audio recording of the 911 call placed during this medical emergency disturbingly reveals a staff in a state of commotion while the injured woman groaned in the background.

The UNM Center for Reproductive Health serves as the University of New Mexico’s off site abortion clinic. According to the University of New Mexico’s website, “The doctors are on faculty at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine and University Hospital,” and their staff also includes residents and medical assistants. UNM residents are being trained to perform abortions at this clinic. Even if residents opt out of performing abortions they are still rotated through the clinic, performing other duties. The University of New Mexico is a public state funded institution.

This clinic performs, “Surgical Abortions up to 22 weeks; including terminations for genetic indications.” 22 weeks is beyond the gestational age when a baby can feel pain inside the womb. In fact, several states have recently enacted laws that protect babies as young as 20 weeks. This abortion clinic is affiliated with the National Abortion Federation (NAF) which is an association of particularly troubled abortionists and dangerous abortion clinics. Recently many of NAF’s clinics have come under investigation for various violations. We found that the UNM Center for Reproductive Health is equally dangerous for women.

“This incident, among others is proof that it is so vitally important that women be offered alternatives to abortion. At Project Defending Life we want to provide these alternatives and help the women of New Mexico throughout their pregnancies and beyond,” said Tara Shaver, spokesperson for Project Defending Life.

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