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Disaster Preparedness : The Daily Show interviews Dr.Irwin Redlener , 2005

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‪AMS: Nuclear Public Health Emergencies‬‏

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Talk given by a member of the CDC at the recent American Meteorological Society’s annual conference.

Broadcast Meteorologists and Pre-event Messaging for a Nuclear Public Health Emergency

Charles W. Miller, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, GA; and M. C. McCurley

Research sponsored by the Radiation Studies Branch of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicated that the American public might very well look to their local broadcast meteorologist for help and direction in the event of a terrorist attack involving radiation, such as a an explosive radiological dispersal device, i.e. a “dirty bomb,” or an improvised nuclear device, much as they currently do for natural disasters (such as tornados and hurricanes). The public indicated they are familiar with their local broadcast meteorologist and they trust the information they receive from this source. In response to this research finding, CDC has partnered with the AMS Committee on the Station Scientist to provide public health messages and training materials that will allow broadcast meteorologists to provide life-saving information to the public during a public health emergency involving the release of radioactive materials (see These materials can prepare broadcast meteorologists with answers to many of questions they and their audience will have in the event of a nuclear or radiological emergency.

Effective communications with the public will be especially critical in the event of an attack involving an improvised nuclear device. In the immediate vicinity of the attack, accurate information must be available as quick as possible to help save lives in the aftermath of the massive explosion, fires, and dangerous fallout. As the fallout from the detonation moves downwind, levels will quickly become too low to be immediately life-threatening. However, measureable levels of radiation from the blast will be found many kilometers downwind, and people will be very concerned about the potential long-term adverse impact on their health.

A group of agencies from within the Federal government is working together to develop a coordinated, multi-agency set of messages for the public that can be used in the immediate aftermath of a nuclear detonation. These messages are being designed to be applicable at a time when hard data are often lacking. They are based on the best scientific information available, including the latest atmospheric dispersion modeling, which can be used to predict the range and magnitude of the effects of such a detonation. Any information that is available immediately following a detonation will be highly uncertain, and, as a result, public messages will likely have to be modified as new information becomes available. This uncertainly will increase the challenge of communicating effectively with the public throughout the event.

In addition to these pre-event messages, the Interagency Modeling and Atmospheric Assessment Center (IMAAC) is developing templates for briefing products that can be provided to State, local, and tribal decision makers to assist them in making appropriate decisions for protecting the health and welfare of impacted people. These proposed briefing products will include maps forecasting the location of the various levels of destruction and the movement of the fallout cloud. These briefing products could potentially be made available to broadcast meteorologists for use on the air during an emergency.

Broadcast meteorologists have two important activities they should become involved in concerning both the pre-event messages and the IMAAC briefing products that are being developed. First, they must become familiar with these products so they can effectively use them during a nuclear or radiological emergency. Second, they should review all of these products for clarity and usability, and provide appropriate feedback to the product developers so all of the products will be as useful as possible. These activities will significantly strengthen our nation’s ability to provide life-saving information to the public during a public health emergency involving the release of radioactive materials.

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Irwin Redlener from the National Center for Disaster Preparedness: How to survive a nuclear attack (TED Conference)

This 2008 report from the GAO is interesting to read: First Responders’ Ability to Detect and Model Hazardous Releases in Urban Areas Is Significantly LimitedClick Here

Van Jones launches Anti-Tea Party campaign with, SEUI, AFLCIO

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Truther, Self-described communist, and former Obama Green Jobs Czar Van Jones has a new mission, to start a progressive version of the Tea Party movement. Just like the real tea party, the Van Jones creation is based on economics. There are major differences though, being a progressive movement its basic premise is a lie, and instead of being a bottom up grass roots organization like the tea party, the Van Jones version is top down similar to the progressive philosophy that everything must be run by a central government.

Thursday night in New York City, Jones officially unveiled his “Rebuild the Dream” movement

“We are being lied to,” Jones said often throughout his hourlong presentation at the Town Hall theater in Times Square.

“We are not broke. We’re the richest country in the history of the world.”He says there are four lies that have been repeated so often that too many people now believe them .

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Target: New World Order – Big Brother Over reach?

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Jack Hunter on the international community pushing sovereignty-killing initiatives on the American Republic.

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Pro-choice man found guilty of murdering pregnant girlfriend after demanding abortion

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A jury has found a Murfreesboro man guilty of killing a woman and her unborn baby in Shelby County in 2009.Shelby County’s district attorney’s office says Tarence L. Nelson was convicted Saturday on two counts of first-degree murder in the September 2009 deaths of Tonya M. Johnson and her unborn child in Arlington.The Commercial Appeal reports that Nelson was then sentenced to two life sentences. Judge Chris Craft will decide July 22 whether the sentences will run at the same time or one after the other.Nelson shot Johnson, who was eight months pregnant, in the abdomen and behind the right ear during an argument over the child. Nelson was later arrested in Murfreesboro.At the time of the murder witnesses told detectives that Nelson was the father of Johnson’s child, and that he wanted her to have an abortion, but she refused.WMC-TV reported that neighbor John Ingram told detectives that Nelson’s intent to kill the child was obvious by her wounds.”It looked like he was intent on killing both of them,” he said.Nelson testified that he shot Johnson in self-defense.

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Planned Parenthood promoting sexual videos on facebook, which kids read ! Keep funding these perverts !

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Planned Parenthood promoting “Love Your Vagina” on facebook: (video below)


Planned Parenthood Under Fire For Facebook Posts
Jun 24, 2011 4:55
Vermont Right to Life is urging state officials to re-examine the tools and messages one sexual education provider is using. Planned Parenthood of Northern New England uses social media sites, like Facebook to talk to teens. However, Vermont Right to Life argues it’s the messages that have become the problem.

“I would think any parent would find it ludicrous,” says Mary Hahn Beerworth the Executive Director of Vermont Right to Life.

The song titled, Love your Vagina, lists off about 30 names that refer to the part of the female anatomy.

The video wasn’t made by Planned Parenthood. In fact, it is a promotional tool for a sanitary product company. Hahn Beerworth says the video has no place on a the Planned Parenthood page. She argues the video is one more example of how the organization is sending the wrong kind of message to teens.

Jill Krowinski, Planned Parenthood of Northern New England’s Public Policy Director defends the post. “Everything we post is a educational tool,” she says.

Krowinski says it was posted as part of Get Yourself Tested Month, as a way to get young adults talking about sexual health. She says, “This next generation is saying things in a totally different manner. The language and the tone is completely different.”

Hahn Beerworth says the organization isn’t using the language of the generation. They’re teaching it.

More on Planned Parenthood and teens here

Your kids can learn about condoms from Planned Parenthood as well:

Obama’s White House Rural Council – Power grab by White House?

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The White House

Office of the Press Secretary
For Immediate Release
June 09, 2011
Obama Administration Establishes to Strengthen Rural Communities

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The White House today announced the establishment of the first White House Rural Council. While rural communities face challenges, they also present economic potential. To address these challenges, build on the Administration’s rural economic strategy, and improve the implementation of that strategy, the President signed an Executive Order establishing the White House Rural Council.

“Strong rural communities are key to a stronger America,” said President Barack Obama. “That’s why I’ve established the White House Rural Council to make sure we’re working across government to strengthen rural communities and promote economic growth.”

The White House Rural Council will coordinate programs across government to encourage public-private partnerships to promote further economic prosperity and quality of life in rural communities nationwide. Chaired by Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack, the Council will be responsible for providing recommendations for investment in rural areas and will coordinate Federal engagement with a variety of rural stakeholders, including agricultural organizations, small businesses, and state, local, and tribal governments.

“Rural America makes significant contributions to the security, prosperity, and economic strength of our country,” said Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack. “The Rural Council announced by President Obama shows his continued focus on promoting economic opportunity, creating jobs, and enhancing the quality of life for those who live in rural America. Together with the rest of the Obama administration, USDA has worked to support families and businesses in rural communities so that their success will pay dividends for all Americans.”

In the coming months, the White House Rural Council will focus on job creation and economic development by increasing the flow of capital to rural areas, promoting innovation, expanding digital and physical networks, and celebrating opportunity through America’s natural resources. The Council will begin discussing key factors for growth, including:

* Jobs: Improve job training and workforce development in rural America
* Agriculture: Expand markets for agriculture, including regional food systems and exports
* Access to Credit: Increase opportunity by expanding access to capital in rural communities and fostering local investment
* Innovation: Promote the expansion of biofuels production capacity and community based renewable energy projects
* Networks: Develop high-growth regional economies by capitalizing on inherent regional strengths
* Health Care: Improve access to quality health care through expansion of health technology systems
* Education: Increase post-secondary enrollment rates and completion for rural students
* Broadband: Support the President’s plan to increase broadband opportunities in rural America
* Infrastructure: Coordinate investment in critical infrastructure
* Ecosystem markets: Expanding opportunities for conservation, outdoor opportunities and economic growth on working lands and public lands

Since taking office, President Obama’s Administration has taken significant steps to improve the lives of rural Americans and has provided broad support for rural communities. The Obama Administration has set goals of modernizing infrastructure by providing broadband access to 10 million Americans, expanding educational opportunities for students in rural areas, and providing affordable health care. In the long term, these unparalleled rural investments will help ensure that America’s rural communities are repopulating, self-sustaining, and thriving economically.