Planned Parenthood clinic cited for “deficiencies”

*** NOTE *** This story is now only available as a cached story – go figure- why would the media cache a story from days ago, unless they do not want ANYTHING negative printed about Planned Parenthood- but the truth eeks out still ****

Clinic’s ‘deficiencies’ corrected
Saturday, May 28, 2011

State inspections of Planned Parenthood Association of the Mercer Area clinic on East State Street in Trenton earlier this year revealed 39 “deficiencies” including the discovery of unlabeled syringes and lack of sterilization for ultrasound equipment, according to a health department report.

The findings have prompted New Jersey Right to Life Executive Director Marie Tasy to call for the clinic to be closed or its state funding to be pulled.

“I think these deficiencies are very serious and I certainly think that the women in this area at least should be informed about the violations found at this clinic,” Tasy said. “I think if women’s health matters, then these clinics should be shut down.”

But officials for PPAMA said the problems cited in the state report were minor and had been corrected since the February and March inspections. Planned Parenthood officials said that findings of minor deficiencies were not usual in a typical inspection of a health-care facility

The deficiencies cited included water temperature in bathrooms or procedural policies, such as when employees were required to get physicals. In a fact sheet responding to the inspection report, PPAMA said the problem involving the sterilization of ultrasound equipment had been addressed, and required the clinic only to use a stronger disinfectant.

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