Female African American Rapper SKG ‘s song , “Let me Live” written after an ultimatum to terminate her pregnancy

Let me Live Abortion Video- Female Rapper SKG

Hip Hop Artist SKG denied terminating her pregnancy to keep her career and now shares her new Music video “Let me Live” feat her now 8 year old daughter Halee Cierra.

SKG born Helecia Choyce was a promising Hip Hop Artist once signed to Deathrow Records. Helecia became pregnant when her career was in full gear of taking off. Giving an Ultimatum to terminate her pregnancy and stay on the label or keep her unborn child and leave the Label SKG chose the path of Mother Hood. Taking a break from the Music Industry SKG is back in the Industry with a song with her child she chose to keep Halee Cierra who is now 8 years old entitled “Let me Live”

SKG started rapping at the age of twelve with more then fifteen years in the industry and still in her 20’s she is back and more focused then ever. Having already released a string of mixtapes and radio singles SKG is gearing up to release her album scheduled to drop late 2011..In 2010 SKG released a book entitled The Diary of Helecia Choyce: The Hustle Within Part I, released in the fall of 2010, the Los Angeles, California, rapper-turned author, Helecia “S.uper K.razed G.oddess” Choyce, has recently returned to her Hip-Hop roots Having originally gotten her professional start at the tender age of thirteen, it was actually infamous, then, Death Row Records’ CEO, Marion “Suge” Knight, who initially gave the young upstart her first big break in showbiz. S.K.G. later went onto appear alongside the legendary Tupac Shakur on his second posthumous collection, the multi-platinum Until The End Of Time, before finally being granted her release from the troubled imprint in ’04.

” I went through a real depressing stage in my life because all I ever wanted to do was music. But whatever God give you is a blessing. I wouldn’t trade her in for nothing in this lifetime. The making of the song was real powerful because I felt everything I wrote. I went through it. I wasn’t going to have an abortion with her. Even when everyone told me it would mess my career up I just dealt with it. In the end it was OK. We have a great life she is a wonderful daughter and I’m happy with Motherhood.


One Response to “Female African American Rapper SKG ‘s song , “Let me Live” written after an ultimatum to terminate her pregnancy”

  1. Ms. Choyce (SKG) GOD BLESS YOU!

    I’ve been waitng a long time for another good hip-hop/rap “Happy Birthday” by Flypside. If someone know of some others please post a comment.

    You are to be commended for your courage and giving the hand to the love of money. Your child will rise up and call you blessed and your career will be blessed also.

    Please consider cutting more POSITIVE HipHop recordings to inspire women and ment to make the right choices and “shut it down” until the ring is on finger. Ou people NEED THIS!

    Other commenters PLEASE SPREAD THIS. There are extremely few hip-hop artist with her courage and honesty addressing abortion.

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