FOIA request gets 911 call from Planned Parenthood mega center released

From Pro-Life Action League:

On April 1, while praying and sidewalk counseling at Planned Parenthood in Aurora, Illinois, League Executive Director Eric Scheidler and I witnessed and documented an ambulance taking a Planned Parenthood client away—an all too common sight at abortion facilities.

At the time we had very little information about the incident. Planned Parenthood always tries to cover up when things go wrong so finding out anything about the situation was very difficult.

But, through a Freedom of Information Act request we were able to uncover the recording of the 911 call and some other details. This short video shows what we saw of the incident along with the audio of the call showing once again that, no matter what Planned Parenthood says, abortion clinics are not safe places for women.

Emergency at Planned Parenthood Aurora
Posted by Matt Yonke (April 1, 2011 at 4:45 pm)
Ambulance and police cars at Planned Parenthood Aurora

Today League Executive Director Eric Scheidler and I were out praying and sidewalk counseling at Planned Parenthood in Aurora, Illinois. It was a cold, rainy April afternoon, but we were getting a lot of literature into people’s hands, mostly as they were exiting the clinic.

I got the impression that many people had not gotten the help they were looking for from Planned Parenthood and were happy to hear about other options, like Waterleaf Women’s Center, our local pregnancy resource center just down the street.

As we were getting to the end of our hour of prayer and counseling, an ambulance came tearing around the corner from New York Street and sped into Planned Parenthood’s parking lot. I’ve seen a few ambulances come to Planned Parenthood and this one was certainly moving with purpose.
Planned Parenthood’s Clear Priority

The EMTs leaped out of the ambulance and ran into the side door of the facility—a door I’d never seen used in the nearly four years I’ve been protesting and praying outside this clinic. Shortly afterward, one, two and finally three Aurora police cars sped into the lot and set up a sort of perimeter around the ambulance.

A few minutes later, the EMTs came back out with a gurney and, as is their habit, Planned Parenthood’s employees’ first priority was to hold up a sheet over their victim so nobody could see what they had done to her. It never ceases to amaze me how keeping their dirty little secrets secret takes first priority over everything else, even getting this poor girl into the ambulance quicker.

Inscrutable Delays

Then a strange thing happened. The ambulance didn’t leave, but stayed in the parking lot for a full 25 minutes—something I don’t think I’ve ever seen before.

I’m not sure if that indicates that the issue was not as serious as they first thought, or that it was so serious that they couldn’t afford to transport her to the hospital before treating her.

As we waited, Eric and I finished our prayers along with local pro-life stalwart Jerry Nickels, who had seen the flashing lights as he drove by the clinic and stopped to see if he could help.
Ambulance leaves Planned Parenthood Aurora

Ambulance speeds away to the hospital

Finally, the police left, and the ambulance sped away shortly after to nearby Rush-Copley Medical Center. Eric and I tried to glean any details we could from the scene to clear up what had happened, but no evidence was forthcoming.

This incident comes on the heels of another woman being wheeled out of Planned Parenthood’s Chicago facility two weeks ago into an ambulance looking a bloody mess. It’s clear, not only is Planned Parenthood a deadly place for the child in the womb, it’s a horrible place for mothers as well.

As I wrote in a recent post, these are not things you see outside a normal medical facility, certainly not this frequently. It’s like I often tell women when I’m sidewalk counseling, “This is not a place you want to be.”

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